Dinacharya: 9 Ayurvedic Evening Rituals for Happiness & Good Sleep


Tired, frustrated and scattered!

Do you feel like this at the end of the day?

This is no surprise that after going through a lot of mayhem during the day, your energy is drained.

And what’s even more surprising that you are unable to wind up your day in a constructive manner and don’t provide your body the much-needed care to rejuvenate for the next day.

Well, Ayurvedic Evening Rituals has come to your rescue and will make you sign off your day with an exclamation of delight. It would help you to boost your productivity, health, and mood.

What is another plus point about this evening routine is that it doesn’t involve a set of difficult steps. All you need a little perseverance as practice makes anything perfect and easy.

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Ayurvedic Evening Rituals for Abundant, Restful Sleep

Ayurveda is a Vedic culture of India that focuses on the development nourishment of your mind, body, and soul.

These Ayurvedic Evening Rituals let you unwind and derive positive and restorative energy that is badly impacted by the usage of machines which left us distracted and unfocused.

So are you ready to supercharge your evening routine that set the tone for the next day?

Here, let’s get down to the business!

1. Say NO to Caffeine:

Follow this rule and keep your caffeine intake limited to mornings only as this is better placed there rather than in the evenings.

Caffeine activates you for the next 6 hours. It’s advisable to drink warm milk with nutmeg to calm your nerves or any herbal tea such as hydrate blend tea; chamomile, lemon balm, and passionflower are all for bringing relaxation.

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2. Have an early and light dinner:

According to Ayurveda, the Kapha energy of water and earth are activated between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. that would slack the digestive system.

It’s better to take a meal before this time to make your digestion to run smoothly before sleep. That will also help in the stimulation of sleep-inducing hormones timely.

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3. Don’t drink water with and immediately after meals:

It is recommended to keep a 30-minute window after the meal as water dilutes the digestive juices, tampers your digestive system and disturbs insulin level.

So try not to drink water with and right after the meal.

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4. Chew some fennel seeds after dinner:

Fennel seeds are taken for their anti-microbial properties as well as richness in fiber in many parts of the world. Fiber helps to bulk up in watery diarrhea, also eases constipation and prevents gas.

Take a tablespoon of fennel seeds after dinner to make your stomach happy and healthy.

5. After dinner, go for a walk:

Stick to this one habit as it saves you from many diseases caused by lying on the couch right after dinner. Go for a walk to smoothing your digestion even for 15 minutes.

I bet you’ll feel light and less bloated even after your first walk.

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6. Decrease Stimulation:

Blue light from the screens disrupts your sleep and leaves your eyes strained as these stimulants are preventing your mind to switch off.

Turn off your TV, computer, and phone 1 hour before your bedtime and dim the lights of your sleeping area.

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7. Massaging oil into your feet at night:

Nature has placed some crucial pressure points in your feet that can relieve your whole body pain if touched rightly.

This is why; you should pamper your feet with soothing essential oils such as Vetiver or Sandalwood to help in sleep.

8. Better sleep asanas:

Child, spinal twist or corpse pose are ideal for bringing peace to your mind and also relaxes your muscles which are engaged heavily throughout the day, especially hip area.

Practice them and you’ll feel their soothing effect.

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9. Sleep early:

In Ayurveda ritual, Kapha dosha is a fast sleeper and the time zone for Kapha sleep is 6 p.m.-10 p.m. that’s why it is advised to hit the bed at this time zone.

Heavy and slow energy of Kapha will make you get a deep slumber.

All’s well that ends well; this is what becomes true every day thanks to Ayurvedic Evening Rituals.

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