12 Simple Bedtime Habits worth Adopting for a Healthy Lifestyle


If you have to drag yourself out of your bed in the morning and keep feeling drowsiness the whole day, it simply means you’re not having enough sleep to stay active and awake.

Sleep makes the third important pillar apart from a balanced diet and exercise in a healthy lifestyle. You must be thoughtful about your healthy sleep pattern to ensure the best day ahead.

Acute or chronic sleeplessness causes you fatigue, anxiety, impatience, irritability, low concentration the next day that will surely affect your overall mood and happenings of the day. Bad sleep can even lead to depression or even worse insomnia.

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An important point to bear in mind is that sleep disorder mostly affects women more than men. That’s why it becomes imperative for you to get ample and sound sleep to keep working through your day with an ace.

And for that, you must watch your bedtime routine whether they are helping you to sleep easily or otherwise. So let’s get into those12 straightforward nighttime habits that will aid in deep slumber.

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12 Simple Bedtime Habits That’ll Make You Happy Every Morning

1. Start winding down:

Before anything else in a healthy bedtime routine, you should consider wrapping up your day.

Just an hour before your sleep time complete the must-do task of the day, sending final e-mails, prepping kid’s lunch and a to-do list for the coming day.

2. Prepare yourself for sleep:

Take at least 20 minutes to cleanse your body and mind from all day mayhem before hitting the bed.

Hot shower, brushing the teeth, putting on night-dress and then finally reading a book or meditating, these activities soothe your muscles and signal your mind for the wind-down.

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3. Schedule your sleep:

You must follow the same pattern for your sleep and wake up time, your body will be regulated this way automatically and you won’t have to stress it.

4. Favorable environment:

For a better sleep routine, make sure your room ambiance is comfortable, quiet, and temperate enough for a good sleep.

It’s better if you avoid blue light or bright light exposure as it interferes with the sleep.

5. No technology in sleep niche:

Keep your phones, tablets, T.V, etc far away from your sleep area as they will leave you stressed in the night.

6. Eat right and drink light:

Do not take heavy meals before sleep as it burdens your stomach and causes you difficulty to relax. Water not be taken too much at night otherwise you’ll end up with frequent visits to the toilet.

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7. Say goodbye to caffeine:

Caffeine makes you stay awake and that’s the last thing you want in the night. Keep your coffee cravings restricted to the morning or day time.

8. Banana tea:

Expert says it’s highly recommended to have banana tea in the night for better sleep as bananas contain magnesium that is reputed as the best sleep inducer.

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9. Lesser no nap will work:

Taking a nap is one of the refreshing self-care activities.

But it shouldn’t interfere with your bedtime sleep routine, too much of it or in the evening simply means no early or not at all sleep in the night.

Avoid napping too much!

10. Sleep when you feel it:

You better not force yourself to sleep that will cause more frustration.

Leave the bed, if you don’t fall asleep in 20 minutes and engage yourself in some relaxing activity.

11. Exercise early:

Avoid exercising right before bed as work out makes your body fervent and you won’t be feeling sleepy anytime soon.

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12. Declutter the bedroom:

Being a woman, you surely can’t sleep peacefully if the bedroom is messy. You must tide it up and simplify it for a cozy atmosphere.

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