9 Effective Ways to Relieve Stress & Anxiety Naturally


Stress is a silent killer if it is left untreated at the earliest. I didn’t mean to scare you but yes, no matter how much does it appear passive at the beginning but it can pose serious risks to your overall health and performance in life.

So, the first rule is you don’t need to get stress over the “STRESS” because there isn’t any rocket science involved to ward it off. All you need is to include some simple habits in your daily life

Well, I just want to keep it real that you might not completely get rid of stress but can minimize its intensity and duration.

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9 Highly Effective Ways to Reduce Stress & Relax

We all get our dose of stress in several forms that hit us hard enough to lose our track of life and the things around us but these simple habits will put you in a position where you can better deal it whenever it starts taking over you.

Wish you good luck with these 9 easy ways to cope up with stress.

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1. Laugh therapy:

I don’t mean to laugh frantically without a good reason but yes, you should go for comedy entertainment, watch funny clips or call a funny friend.

Surely, it will tickle your funny bones and ta-da!

2. Breathe it out:

Don’t keep your worries inside you as they keep building huge until they take the form of a horrible volcano.

Call or meet your confidant; we all have one in our circles, pour everything out that is stressing you. Shared sorrow is halved, it again rings true here.

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3. The need for saying “no”:

One thing that adds more to the stress is the long list of commitments and efforts to fulfill them. Try to know your priorities and declutter your to-do list from unnecessary engagements.

Bear in mind, you can’t make everyone happy and you aren’t supposed to be perfect all the time. Go easy on yourself!

4. Meditate:

No worry to get yourself out if you don’t feel like it. Just sit with your legs crossed and closed eyes.

Pretend that there’s nobody else except you at that moment; feel your heartbeat and calm your racing mind with affirmative thoughts about yourself. Phew!

Your worrying emotions are gone for now.

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5. Adopt a hobby:

Know your interest and what makes you forget your worries it can be, painting, reading, knitting or anything else.

Make their way into your routine or whenever you feel tense. These activities take you to la-la land for sure!

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6. Aromatherapy:

Scents that help to reduce stress are lavender, rose, citrus, and chamomile.

Light a scented candle or use a wax tart in your abode that will bust your stress. You should also consider having sleep in such a room to have a peaceful sleep.

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7. Healthy diet:

Make your diet chart with a lot of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein as they will boost your mood. Especially, citrus fruit as they contain vitamin C which reduces stress level.

Processed foods are full of chemicals that result in stress.

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8. Music:

Science has proved that music notes produce certain vibrations that effect on body and mind in a better way. Soothing music can lessen heart pace, stress, and blood pressure.

Listen to music that suits you while exercising or doing your simple works.

9. Exercise:

Exercise means engaging your body core muscles into actions for their own sake not to carry out household work. Do it for at least 30 minutes, mark my words, you’ll feel the difference.

Your mind releases dopamine hormone that can help in alleviating your mood.

I hope every woman out there can beat the plethora of stress with these habits to some extent if not wholly.

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  1. Micheal

    This could be part of some of your ways, but a cup of tea/tisane can go a long way. It’s warm and comforting and a habit of really focusing on how I enjoy the tea helps ground me and destresses my afternoon.

    Thanks for the list!


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