7 Insanely Helpful Tips to Wake Up Early And NOT Feeling Tired


Hit the alarm instantaneously when it goes off, pull off the sheets and step out of your bed smiling and ready to meet the day with positivity. Does it sound familiar?

I guess the majority of you will answer ‘NO’ of course it is something I was unable of doing.

I used to get up late and that drained my whole day in the form of less productivity and haphazard way of carrying out my things.

Late risings mean you don’t get enough time to be present mentally in whatever you do and that’s how you keep pushing, dragging and throwing things mindlessly.

This is all that I went through until the recent past months.

Then, I explored some crazy helpful tips to wake up early. These tips are not just to wake you up early but also to keep you energetic, charged and highly productive all day.

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How to Wake up Early And Not Feel Tired

It can seem tough, but waking up early in the morning without feeling tired can be done.

Let’s dive in and get the secret tips to wake up early and happily.

1. Get enough sleep:

First things first! 🙂

Before anything else, you need to get 7-8 hours sleep when your usual sleep hours are completed your mind gets the signal of it.

It won’t be arguing to you at the sound of the alarm.

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2. Pick a compelling reason:

This trick works best for me.

Choose what you love to do at the start of your day and believe me it will become a lot easier to leave your bed in the morning.

Plus, anything you love will instill positive energy in you.

3. Un-snooze your alarm:

Thanks to the technology when we don’t have an alarm clock with a snooze button on it.

Still, we all are the culprit of setting snooze for every 5 minutes in our cell phone alarms simply, revert this setting.

There are several apps available that force you get out of your bed and do certain work before they turn off.

4. Create your response:

You don’t need to download such apps to drag you out of your comfy bed but you must have your response to the alarm.

That is to leave the bed at once as your drill instructor had decanted bucket of ice water on you.

Your motivation to get up will help you a lot at this point so pick wisely and be enthusiastic about it.

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5. Splash water on your face:

Your face is a window to your whole self so you must cleanse it in the morning.

Water will wash away any traces of trapped worries and will rejuvenate the skin. Face gets detoxify on the touch of water that cools it down.

6. Water intake:

During sleep, our blood pressure level gets high that can warm up our body leaving it dehydrated. Pour a glass of water in your stomach as soon as you get up.

This will balance blood level, ease pains and lubricate the joints. Water is a natural energizer.

7. Open up your body mind and soul:

Stretch a little, engage in any physical activity and write a journal. This will empower your body, thoughts, and emotions.

Claim that you’re going to have the best day ahead and believe me it will set the tone of your day.

These tips to wake up early do not need to be done with so many precautions or pre-requisites but only your will to be consistent and determined. Yes! You can do it too!

7 Actionable Tips to Wake Up at 5 AM like a boss

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  1. martutz

    Love no. 6. I’m also struggling for a healthier me, I’ve even started running and I can say I’m on the right track now. Nutrition is an important part of my losing weight plan, and your blog posts are a true inspiration!

  2. Audrey

    Every night I tell myself that the next morning is going to be the morning that I’m finally out of bed before noon.

    …and same ol’ snooze button gets me once again lol!

    I’m tempted to try those alarm apps you’re talking about but I’m worried my fiance’s mornings will suffer. Poor guy has suffered from MANY snoozed alarms in the past!

    Great tips though! Hopefully, now tomorrow will finally be the day I’m up early!

  3. Bionaze

    The first thing I always do when I wake up is washing my face and I feel hype after that. These tips are awesome and helpful.

  4. Susan - ahumbledelight.com

    I’m not sure why we all opt for the snooze button. I’m definitely guilty of it. However, I don’t know why I do it because I always feel better when I don’t snooze. The sleep cycle was already interrupted and the time “snoozing” could have been used in a much more productive way. I question why I let the snooze button win almost every day, haha!

  5. Sabrina

    I love all your lists. One of my way to have a good sleep is to put lavender plants in my bedroom and just leave the curtain open so the sunrise will wake me up. It’s important to have a strong immune system nowadays because the virus is spreading everywhere. Thanks for sharing this list.

  6. Gina

    Number 5 is the only thing that gets me out of hibernate mode. Although with winter days coming, I may have to keep a spray bottle on my bedside table.


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