Try These 11 Best Smelling Essential Oils for Diffuser

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Imagine a day full of stress at work, arriving home and finding the same stress…

You need to be transported to a harmonious, relaxed place, wrapped in aromas that they replenish your energy.

Like a spa, right?

So here in this post, I’ll help you to get that soothing environment at your home through the best smelling essential oils for diffuser.

Using an essential oil diffuser is one of the best ways to experience the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of essential oils; especially, if you are looking to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

But if you are not familiar with essential oil diffusers then I already wrote a detailed guide to use diffusers for beginners with easy and quick essential oil recipes.

The wonderful thing about using a diffuser is that the sense of smell can reach parts of our brain that no other sense can.

So when we smell essential oils, they help us maintain and achieve a good state of physical, emotional and even spiritual health.

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Best Smelling Essential Oils for Diffuser

Particularly I started using essential oils to prepare my own cleaning products, but once I received my first essential oil diffuser, I start using them for many purposes.

Previously I used scented candles to do the scent job, but yes essential oils replace my favorite scented candles.

They smell ah-mazing.

Especially, how lavender impregnated the environment and managed to change the mood of everyone at home, I simply fell in love with fresh smells and I turn it on every day.

So here is my list of Best Smelling Essential Oils for Diffuser that is so great to make your home smell like heaven.

1. Lavender: I put it at night to relax and prepare to go to bed. It is an essence well known for its relaxing properties, but it is also widely used for skin problems. It can be used to clean cuts, relieve bruises, skin irritations and more.

2. Mint and Lemon: It is wonderful to awaken the senses early in the morning.

3. Breathe (mix of DOTERRA): to relieve nasal congestion and support the health of the respiratory system in general.

4. Mint and Orange: To improve the mood and energize the environment (perfect for doing homework with children).

5. Eucalyptus: It has healing properties and can be used to heal wounds, ulcers, burns or cuts.

6. Tea tree: Very used for skincare. It can help to reduce acne, soothe the pain of sores, combat the bad smell of the feet and more.

7. Incense: It is a very spiritual essence, ideal to create a comfortable atmosphere to pray or simply meditate.

8. Sweet orange: Very used in aromatherapy. It helps eliminate the smell of tobacco and other bad odors. It is widely used in cleaning products for the home.

9. Lemongrass: Helps relieve muscle pain, kills bacteria and repels insects.

10. Mint: It is a very fresh and soothing essence. It helps calm nausea, stomach problems and helps cool muscles after overexertion.

11. Rosemary: Stimulates hair growth, improves mental activity, relieves respiratory problems and reduces pain.

Either you can use these essential oils directly or simply mix each other to make a blend. You can check out these essential oil posts packed with amazing smelling blends that can also help you sleep, ease anxiety, improve your focus.

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The diffuser makes it super easy to incorporate essential oils into your daily life and the best thing is that you can enjoy them at home or at work.

Also, you must bear in mind that essential oils are concentrated in the essence of each plant, therefore they are powerful and you should not use them without their proper precautions.

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