151 Healthy Habits That Will Transform Your Life


Do you want to live a long, and happy life?

Obviously Yes!

More and more research is showing that the key to a long, healthy and happier life depends on your Lifestyle.

But do you know?

A healthy lifestyle is built on the foundation of healthy habits.

In this post we have summed up 151 Simple Healthy Habits Worth Adopting Into Your Life.

From waking up early to going to bed, there are tons of habits – you can resonate daily.

You need to be calm and commit to what you are doing. Make your mind and set the goal based on your capabilities and power.

Bult up a healthy routine around it. Take small steps, include them in your routine, be consistent and congrats you already win half of the race.

Now need to push yourself for another half.

For this, maintain what you are doing and support yourself every time.

In short, Start slow and Go long.

Here is a quick tip for you.

Just choose what you love, incorporate into your routine, make it a habit, and finally stick to it for long. That’s all!

So without wasting a lot of time, let’s get into those healthy habits. I hope you will enjoy it! 🙂

151 Daily Healthy Habits Worth add to Your Healthy Lifestyle Routine

A Healthy Lifestyle is Built on the Foundation of Healthy Habits. Start Living Healthy and Happy by including These 151 Healthy Habits in Your Life. #healthyhabits #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #wellness

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New Day, New Strengths, New Habits!

One Small Positive Thought in the Morning can change your entire day. ~ Dalai Lama

1. Start waking up earlier.

2. Complete this sentence to start your day.
“I love myself because I ___________.”

3. Put on your Gym Clothes.

4. Take a 20-minute walk early in the morning.

5. Workout before hopping in the shower.

6. Do warm up before the workout.

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7. Be a Yogi and show some Yoga Poses.

8. Meditation is essential.

9. Do more Stretching.

10. Lift a little bit heavier today.

11. Don’t forget to do some pushups.

12. Keep track of your daily progress in your training log.

13. Let cool down your body after the workout.

14. Use foam roller that helps you recover from your workout.

15. Have a hot Epsom Salt bath for 15 minutes to relax muscles.

16. Don’t forget to floss.

Healthy Physical Activities!

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. ~ John F. Kennedy

17. Breathe Deep.

18. Good posture improves breathing.

19. Do housework as much as you can.

20. Clean your house regularly or frequently.

21. Buy a Pedometer.

22. Walk for 7000-10000 steps a day.

23. Have an evening walk with your family.

24. Walk more or grab your bicycles or choose the best combination suits to you and distance.

25. Park your vehicle farther away from the destination. Walking more means burning more!

26. Have some “Walk Meetings.”

27. Spend time in Garden and Yard Work.

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28. At work, don’t sit all day.

29. Get up and move for at least two minutes every hour.

30. Replace your desk chair with a stability ball.

31. Love Squats? Then Do more squats.

32. Take the stairs instead of elevators.

33. Get a high energy dog.

Mindfulness is a way of befriending ourselves!

Life is a dance; Mindfulness is witnessing that dance. ~ Amit Ray

34. Your brain also needs exercise. Play some brain games

35. Read books.

36. Start journaling.

37. Listen to Music.

39. Join classes like dance, tennis, yoga, aerobics, scuba diving or anything you love.

40. Learn the basics of a new language.

41. Laugh more often.

42. Share a sweet smile with strangers on your way.

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43. Spend some time with your pets.

44. Try a new hairstyle or color.

45. Forgive others.

46. Don’t judge others.

47. Watch a foreign language movie (with subtitles), maybe Bollywood.

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48. Take a break to yourself whenever you stressed out.

50. Mind God and Prayer.

51. Avoid people who make you stressed.

52. Overcome negative thoughts to positive ones.

53. Throw down your negative emotions with witing.

Healthy Eating Habits!

There is no Diet that will do what Healthy Eating does.

54. Go Vegetarian.

55. Consume more veggies.

56. Eat whole food over processed foods.

57. Include more seasonal vegetables, spices, and fruits in your food.

58. Plan a meal for one week in advance.

59. Prepare a shopping list based on the meal plan.

60. Don’t go Grocery shopping when you are hungry.

61. Read food labels while shopping.

62. Keep control over portion size.

63. Stop eating more when you feel full (80% complete).

64. Cook with spices and herbs.

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65. Take lite or low carb dinner.

66. Don’t skip any meal. It will disturb your blood sugar levels.

67. Chew foods slowly and 5-10 times before swallowing.

68. Eat Small Meals.

69. Don’t eat late in the evening.

70. Pack your Lunch to stop eating out in the office.

71. Get essential macro-nutrients(40% carbs, 30% proteins, 30% fats).

72. Eat a range of different food to meet your micro-nutrient requirement.

78. Cut down deep-fried food.

79. Eat healthy fats such as healthy oils, Nuts, avocados, dairy, etc.

80. Eat protein-rich breakfast to avoid snacking.

81. Take an Apple daily, for sure.

82. Eat more spicy foods if you can. Indian meals are ideal.

83. Avoid multitasking during Lunch.

84. Start swapping unhealthy snacks for a fruit or vegetable.

86. Cook more at home to avoid eating out.

87. Try to eat at least one meal together daily with all family members.

88. Replace your salad dressings with lime juice or extra virgin olive oil.

89. Instead of fruit juice, eat real fruit.

90. Try a new fruit. What’s about a wood apple?

91. Swap milk chocolate to dark chocolate.

92. Stop Eating Sugar.

93. Strictly avoid drinking Soda.

94. Reduce using the microwave, instead use a counter convection oven.

95. Consider making your condiments (ketchup, BBQ, etc.) because they pack with sodium and sugar.

Water is Essential!

If there is magic on this Planet, it is contained in water. ~ Loren Eiseley

97. Drink more water.

98. Drink a glass of water before each meal.

99. Don’t drink water while eating.

100. At work, always keep a water bottle at your desk.

101. Give a try to tasty detox drinks.

102. Have a full glass of smoothie after the workout.

103. Drink Green Tea.

104. Avoid drinking water for 30 minutes after each meal.

105. Limit your coffee intake in afternoons.

106. Don’t Drink Alcohol.

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Go Green!

A person who cares about the earth will resonate with its purity. ~ Sally Fox

107. Start gardening.

108. Use Essential Oils.

109. Go for DIY beauty.

111. Minimize the use of pharmaceuticals, go for alternatives.

112. Put on a homemade face-mask.

113. Make your cleaning supplies.

114. Give a try to Effential Oil Diffusers that will keep your room refresh.

115. Use a salt lamp to eliminate bad odors from the house.

116. Add Indoor Plants in your living space.

117. Ditch toxic chemical-based products.

118. Phase out plastic from home.

119. Use potpourri for decoration.

120. Decomposing everyday kitchen waste into fertile soil for Plants.

121. Avoid utensils made with toxic materials.

122. Don’t forget to take some direct sunlight.

123. Walk barefoot on grass.

124. Take the bus or a train instead of a car or taxi.

125. Travel more! Go near nature.

126. Go on hiking.

127. Camping would be perfect for the entire family.

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Healthy Sleeping Habits!

Sleep is the best meditation. ~ Dalai Lama

128. Develop a sleeping ritual.

129. Go to bed early and wake up soon too. Stick to it!

130. Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep.

131. Sleep naked, which has many surprising benefits.

132. Wear Socks.

133. Reserve your bed for bedtime activities like sleep, and sex.

134. Follow Feng Shui Concepts for a comfortable room environment.

135. Have a good read before sleep.

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136. Cure snoring problem.

137. Don’t let your fluffy pets sleep with you.

138. Care your mattress and pillows.

139. Avoid Smartphones and Laptops before sleep.

140. Have a cup of Chamomile or Valerian Sleep tea.

141. Don’t turn and toss, if you don’t fall asleep in more than 20 minutes.

Wellness = Mind + Body + Soul

Health is the State of Body. Wellness is State of Being. ~ J Stanford

142. Watch less TV, instead spent time with your friends, kids, pets.

143. Be a social animal, but in the real world.

144. Turn off the news now.

145. Host a Sleepover.

146. Have more Sex.

147. Quit Smoking as soon as possible.

148. Don’t bask under the excessive sun.

149. Go for health checkups more frequently.

150. Take your dad, mom, or another family member to lunch.

151. Take a long bubble bath with a good book.

152. De-clutter your old to-do list.

153. Watch the sunset or sunrise.

154. Look at the stars and clouds.

155. Use your phone when it is necessary.

156. Don’t use many social media.

157. Do smartphone detox for a few hours.

158. Internet detox for a day.

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