15 Foods That Help You Sleep Through The Night

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Do you want to sleep like a baby? Improve your sleep quality by incorporating these 15 foods that help you sleep through the night. 

Do you have to count sheeps every single night? 

Because you don’t get sleepy fast. Right?

Sleep is an essential part of human life. It is just like the battery charging stage for your mind. Not just for your mind, it also allows your body to relax and recovers from any muscle and nerve cramps.

And it is your responsibility to keep your mind and body healthy. You can start this by following some good sleep hygiene.

Every person should develop a sleeping ritual or routine around them. This sleep healthy routine helps them to improve the quality of sleep. You can read this article here which has 69 Better Sleep Tips To Help You Sleep Like A Baby.

Your diet direct plays an important solid role in most aspects of your health.

During the day, try to incorporate some better sleep foods into your snacks and meals to get sleep-inducing jackpot at night. Here are we come up with these 15 foods that help you sleep through the night.

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Do you want to sleep like a baby? Improve your sleep quality by incorporating these 15 foods that help you sleep through the night. Via thenaturalside.com #sleep #sleepbetter #sleepwell

Foods That Help You Sleep Through The Night

1. Kiwi

According to a study on adults of 20 to 55 years of age, who consumed 2 kiwi fruits just 1 hour before sleeptime every night for 4 weeks. In results 35% fall asleep faster than those who didn’t intake.

This New Zealand fruit is rich in antioxidants, folate, carotenoids, vitamins C and E. But the presence of serotonin which is driven by tryptophan makes it a sleep-inducing food.

2. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea, nicknamed “Sleep Tea” is the more effective tea in all kinds of sleep induce teas that help you sleep fast and better.

This sleep tea is also known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. Obviously, this tea is good for a night of deep and restful sleep, but it can also enough to make your upset tummy happy again.

Remember to steep chamomile leaves for at least 10 minutes before drinking.

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3. Milk

All-time favorite bedtime drink!

It’s simple to answer why milk hits on this list. Most dairy products contain tryptophan, a type of amino acid that induces sleep.

So have a glass of milk before heading towards the bed… if it is cow’s milk.

4. Tart Cherries

A study found that people who intake just 1 ounce of tart cherry juice a day, slept longer and more soundly than those who didn’t.

Cherries are the best sleep food of this list which increases the levels of serotonin. Low serotonin levels mean higher the chances of insomnia.

5. Almonds

Almonds are packed with sleep-friendly nutrients including magnesium, calcium, Omega-3, and vitamins.

A handful of almonds before bedtime can be a healthy snack to relief your tummy from hunger.

6. Honey

There is a neuropeptide that keeps your mind alert… known as Orexin. Orexin is necessary to regulate arousal and appetite. But you definitely never want this to disturb your dream-rich sleep. 

Honey helps to lower the levels of orexin to avoid the feel of wakefulness. 

The combination of milk + honey drinks can double up your better sleep efforts. But if you are not a milk person, add honey with herbal tea to get the same benefits.

7. Bananas

Banana is a good source of both potassium and magnesium. Where potassium works as a natural muscle relaxant and prevents you from getting any unwanted cramps, magnesium ensures you to have a quality of sleep.

8. Walnuts

Such as dairy products, dry fruits are also the top sleep-inducing foods. Walnuts increase your intake of essential nutrients that optimize a good night’s sleep.

These nutrients increase the production of melatonin which is the main sleep hormone, responsible for your sweet dream sleep.

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9. Pistachios

The pistachios are known as powerhouse nut which contains tryptophan, calcium, magnesium, selenium, vitamin B6 and protein. But obviously, they are high in calories so remember to limit their intake.

The combo of magnesium and calcium helps you to sleep more soundly through the night.

10. Cantaloupe

Dehydration can have a significantly negative impact on your ability to fall asleep fast and stay asleep. In some cases, dehydration may cause melatonin deficiency.

And a huge number of people didn’t intake the recommended amount of water. So cantaloupe fruit can help you to fill the gap.

Besides cantaloup, try to intake other watery fruits such as pears, watermelon, oranges, apples, cucumber (Don’t say cucumber is a vegetable. It’s a fruit.) 🙂

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11. Yogurt

Yogurt delivers the same good night’s sleep benefits as milk. Sugar-free yogurt is a great snack before heading towards bed just like tart cherries.

12. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are an excellent source of potassium, which helps you relax muscles and prevent you from getting cramps.

Additionally, it has magnesium and calcium too which means a relaxed and restful good night’s sleep.

But because it is a complex carbohydrate, so avoid to eat it close to bedtime.

13. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese has casein protein and tryptophan which converted into sleep-inducing melatonin with the calcium, helps you to sleep tight.

A dairy product which can help ease you into soundly dream-rich sleep. And this cheese would be a good choice to make you feel of fullness in the stomach. 

14. Whole Grains

Whole grains are packed with plenty of magnesium, calcium, and potassium.  This combination helps the brain to convert the tryptophan into sleep-inducing melatonin.

Oatmeal is an excellent choice but doesn’t just limit yourself, go a bit wider with other whole grains such as quinoa, buckwheat, brown or wild rice.

Take a bowl of low-sugar whole-grain cereal to get the benefits and richness of nutrients. 

15. Spinach

Green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of many nutrients such as folate, magnesium, and vitamins B6 and C, but still, spinach got something special that offers a better night’s sleep.

Spinach contains glutamine, an amino acid that stimulates the body to reduce the cellular toxins which lead to sleep fast and better.

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Missing Quality Sleep? Have a look at these 15 Sleep inducing foods that make you sleepy in miutes. via thenaturalside.com #superfoods #sleep #healthyeating

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