7 Healthy Meal Planning Apps You Should Check Now!

Healthy Eating

7 Best Healthy Meal Planning Apps tailored to your preferences and habits with custom recipes, shopping lists, trackers to reduce waste, save money and healthy eating.

Meal Planning seems like brushing two times a day. Doesn’t it?

Planning the meals is so important, whether it is to maintain your weight or weight loss, eating healthy and staying fit goals or saving money and time.

Fortunately, some healthy meal planning apps can make your planning smart, easier and enjoyable. Healthy Meal Planning Apps allow you to make healthier choices for you and your family.

Free Healthy Meal Planning Apps

These apps keep you on track towards your eating healthy and staying fit goals along with saving money and lots of time.

With the help of these healthy meal planning apps, you can check nutrition info, plan grocery lists, create meal plans, limit trips to the grocery store, reduce waste and produces leftover.

Whether you are new to meal planning or searching for an easy meal planning solution, these are the 11 highly rated Healthy Meal Planning Apps that will help you to plan your breakfasts, snacks, lunches, dinners, or all of the above.

Meallime – simplify meal planning

Healthy Meal Planning Apps

Image – Meallime


Meallime App provides a large inventory of various types of delicious recipes based on your preferences and choices such as Vegetarian, Paleo, Allergies-Free, Gluten-Free, etc. Here You can pick healthy recipes that suit you.

Each of the meals takes up to 30 minutes to cook. When you pick a recipe, it shows up the grocery list which looks super cool. If you don’t like an ingredient on your list; don’t worry!

Meallime shows you substitute suggestions too which is pretty cool. Doesn’t it?

Download (Android, Apple)

Fooducate – get to know what you are eating

Healthy Meal Planning Apps

Image – Fooducate

Fooducate is a really very informative app which pulls out all the nutritional information about food. It reads barcodes and labels to provide you all the information in a very easy way. Fooducate app helps you to find out the best product according to your nutritional and Dietary needs. It has a huge database of barcodes that allows scanning over 250000
different products. It is really fun to check product barcodes; you should have a look on this app.
Download (Android, Apple)

Lifesum – feature loaded meal planning app

Healthy Meal Planning Apps

Image – LifeSum

Lifesum is one of the highly rated and reviewed app of our collection. Lifesum comes with the modern interface which is easy to navigate and feature loaded. This will help you to choose a diet plan suited best for you keto, low carb, high protein or anything else. You can discover for healthy recipes and simply plan them. Lifesum has many different tools such as calorie counter & Food tracker that will let you set customized fitness goals and achieve your weight loss goals. This one app is packed with many different features, all in one convenient place.
Download (Android, Apple)

Prepear – prepare meals effortlessly

Healthy Meal Planning Apps

Image – Prepear

Prepear is a simple to navigate, colorful app. That lets you do the meal planning and grocery shopping with ease. You can collect the recipes from anywhere; from your Grandma’s cookbook to the web or discover the new recipes inside the app and add them to your weekly plan including breakfasts, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Additionally, it has the feature to organize your pantry effortlessly.
Download (Android, Apple)


8fit – meal planning + workouts

Healthy Meal Planning Apps

Image – 8Fit

8Fit is known as the mobile personal trainer. Why? Because it provides you everything from workout routines to meal plans created by experts. You just need to choose the goal whether it is to lose weight or gain weight or stay fit, 8fit will take care of it, and show you best-personalized results that focused to bring a healthy lifestyle change in you.
8fit has the library of hundreds of healthy recipes and quick 5-20 minutes workouts which you can do at home, park or gym.
Download (Android, Apple)
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Premium Healthy Meal Planning Apps and Services

Platejoy – advanced meal planning

Healthy Meal Planning Apps

Image – PlateJoy

Platejoy is the most advanced out of all the meal planning programs that we mentioned today. Once you signup, you have to answer a few questions/quiz that let Platejoy know what exactly your food preferences, tastes, and daily dietary habits are. It also cares about your allergies and special choices when you are done, you will access hundreds of different healthy recipes with grocery lists, portion sizes, tastes just tailored for you. From here, Either you can import your groceries to InstaCart or buy from a nearby store. Platejoy has 50 different data points to provide you the personalized experience with tailored suggestions best for your needs and goals. They also have a fully customized weight loss plan comes with lots of different tools and premium support from experts. If you want a meal planning app with the ad-free environment then PlateJoy is a good option for just $8 per month.

HelloFresh – more than just a meal planning program

Healthy Meal Planning Apps

Image – HelloFresh

Hellofresh simplifies your life and lets you cook healthy meals effortlessly.
It is a meal planning program where you don’t have to worry about grocery. Didn’t get it?
HelloFresh is a reliable and quite popular meal delivery service. It brings you different well-designed meal plans: Classic, Vegetarian, and Family. You just simply have to pick a customized plan then choose weekly healthy recipes, and You are all set. Now Hellofresh will deliver a box of pre-measured fresh ingredients with a proper recipe to your doorstep. It’s easy as that. HelloFresh is a flexible subscription-based service which means you can cancel or pause your subscription anytime.
Hope you love this post with both Free and Premium Healthy Meal Planning Apps options to simplify your life with Healthy Eating. Do I miss your favorite app for planning meals? Then don’t forget to let me know in the comments below!

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