7 Best Pre Workout Foods for Women to Boost Stamina

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Your work out should not make you run out of your necessary energy as your body has to drive you through the day.

Exercising without eating anything is just as same as dragging your car on an empty fuel tank.

Yes, you get the idea that how hard it would be! So, getting in shape is the best you can do to yourself but not at the expense of your strength.

Have some right amount of proteins and carbs to fill up your engine with the fuel for better performance. Here, you get a thoughtful list of all that you’d be benefitting from as well as would love eating them.

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7 Best Pre-Workout Foods to Build Stamina. These Pre Workout Superfoods for Women are Perfect to Eat Before Workout to Fuel Your Body. Fitness Tips + Healthy Eating via thenaturalside.com #healthyeating #workout #foods #fitness

7 Best Pre Workout Foods for Women to Fuel Your Body

It’s ideal to eat or drink before one or two hours prior to your work out session so that your stomach has enough time to digest the food.

Although many of you might believe that fats can be burnt way too easily on an empty stomach but these foods are packed with easily digested carbs to make you feel lighter added with the right amount of energy to make you keep going in the gym or on the track.

7 Best Post Workout Foods for Women If You are a Vegan >>

I bet, you won’t mind reconsidering your belief!

We bring you best-suited 7 ideas for pre-workout eats for women.

1. Peanut butter and banana:

You won’t regret this combo ever!

Bananas provide you the muscle fuel in the form of glucose and potassium for excessive work out. Spread out PB with slices of banana on a whole grain toast, you have it all!

2. Chocolate:

Yes, you read it right!

Cacao beans contain magnesium and chromium that are energizers and balance the blood sugar level that makes you carry out heavy work out.

Similarly, iron helps to take oxygen to the cells throughout the body.

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3. Smoothies:

Smoothies can give you the right amount of boost and are a worth-considering pre-workout snack for those who don’t want to fill their stomach too much.

Just grab rich in vitamin C fruit such as apple, pineapples, oranges, etc and make your healthy smoothie with almond milk.

4. Chia:

A whole new level of energy is stored in this tiny seed. Chia is packed with iron, magnesium, potassium, B vitamins, omega 3 fats, protein and loads of fiber.

What else can you ask for to keep exercising for a long time and that also with boosted energy?

Chia seeds are tasteless; you can add them into smoothies or even in your PB and banana sandwich.

5. Hard-boiled egg and avocado toast:

If you’re a morning runner with strong food cravings, try mashed avo on toast with a boiled or fried egg on top of it for added protein.

This combination is perfect before your morning jog.

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6. Broccoli, cheese and pepper omelet:

Omelet makes the best choice for any time of the daily meals. Broccoli provides the essential vitamin supplement or you load your omelet with your favorite veggies and indulged with reduced-fat cheese.

This is a never-failed meal before work out as it is tasty as well as full of energy.

7. Oatmeal:

No matter how boring it looks but it is a power-packed with B vitamins, magnesium, potassium and highly soluble fiber that pumps in you a lot of energy, this is the reason many bodybuilders take oatmeal as a pre-workout meal.

Make sure you get rolled or steel-cut oats instead of instant oatmeal and just to extract extra benefit eat chilled overnight oats to make you feel light during workouts.

Give these food choices a shot and get the right amount of boost to keep going in the gym!

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