7 Best Post Workout Foods for Women If You are a Vegan

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If you are falling short of the motivation and enough energy that keeps you on your treadmill or gym hike, we have brought you a list of best post-workout foods.

They build your muscles, provide energy, lessen inflammation and boost recovery of the muscles. Plus, vegans can get the right amount of proteins through these foods as your muscles don’t need meat.

Don’t know what to eat before a workout? Have a look at these 7 best pre workout foods to boost your stamina.

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7 Best Foods for Muscle Recovery

After heavily sweating workout all you need a worthy reward and the idea of the post-workout meal comes as a reward; it’s celebration time!

All your exercise is paid off very well with these meals or snacks as they are jam-packed with a lot of carbs, a proper amount of protein, antioxidants and a small portion of fats.

What else can be best for vegans, if not this?

You better need to try these foods and know what works for you the best. Plus, the ideal time to eat or drink something is one to two hours after your training session to get the maximum benefit.

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1. Tart cherry juice:

It is enriched with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements that help in recovering after an intense exercise session. A study suggested that tart cherry juice can help with peaceful slumber.

2. A bowl full of fruit and cottage cheese:

A perfect blend of colorful seasonal fruit that looks enticing and mouthwatering will serve you with natural sugars.

Add on ½ cup cottage cheese that is loaded with whey protein.

Carbs and whey protein combination makes bones stronger. A sprinkle of raw pumpkin seeds will add healthy fats and proteins in it.

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3. Chickpeas, mango, spinach, and lime.

Chickpeas make an unmistakable choice for refueling after the workout because of their no fat and high level of the iron property.

Spinach and lime dressing gives essential vitamin C that helps in absorbing the iron from chickpeas.

4. Sunflower sandwich:

An easy to make and a colorful sandwich is the best weapon of recharging you after the gym.

A flavorful mixture of hummus, avocado, sunflower seeds and tomatoes between two whole-grain bread slices is a health booster.

This sandwich can go a long way!

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5. Nuts:

You can never go wrong with nuts which are a source of fats, fiber, and proteins.

Mix almonds, pistachio, walnuts or any of your own choice and get all that you need to boost your mood and energy.

6. Black bean, sweet potato, and chili:

For vegans, a meatless diet doesn’t mean they can’t relish the chili sensation.

Black beans, sweet potatoes, and chilies strike the right notes with satisfying your sweet and sour taste buds all at the same time. Black beans are a great choice for carbs and proteins.

7. Quinoa:

This holistic grain makes a great side dish or main course in any diet, but it’s excellent for vegetarians who look for fulfilling their protein and fiber need.

It can be taken with beans, poblano peppers, and onions that give a perfect balance of proteins and carbs.

Make sure you are getting your all nutrients from natural and whole foods instead of packaged alternatives.

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