21 Powerful Reasons to Try Plant Based Diet

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Do you want to try a plant-based diet?

If you are not on a plant-based diet or planning to eat more plants then read on.

Because in this post you will find 21 reasons, why you should choose to embrace a plant-based diet.

Or at least, this will surely gonna convinced you to eat more whole and natural plant-based foods.

Plant-based diets are good for the environment, your weight, skin and your overall health. More plant-focused diets are also responsible for proper body functions, brighter skin, mood, and aura.

Since 2008, there has been a 350% increase in the number of self-described vegans in the UK alone. And the numbers are growing every single day

It doesn’t matter what your diet is? Everyone should incorporate more plants into their diets.

So here are the top 21 reasons why going plant-based is the best way to live healthier.

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Not ready to eat a whole plant based diet? Here are 21 reasons why you should start plant based eating. Plant based lifestyle via thenaturalside.com #healthy #cleaneating #healthyeating

21 Powerful Reasons to Try Plant-Based Diet

1. It’s Super Delicious

If it’s all about the taste than plant-based diets are not behind in the game.

As you start adopting a plant-based diet, the one thing you will notice that now you are craving less for junk foods.

And that’s a plus point for weight loss and most importantly, good for your overall health.

2. For a Healthy Change

There’s no doubt that embracing a plant-based diet will be a healthy change in your life.

Plant diets are packed with fibers, vitamins, and minerals that help maintain a healthy and fit body.

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3. New Recipes are waiting

You’ll never get bored because there is a huge world of recipes are waiting for you.

Plant-based diets have many thousands(or even millions…) of delicious recipes that you can cook easily at home.

Find Plant-Based Recipes here:
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4. To save you Money

If you shift from a non-vegetarian diet to a plant-based diet, then you’ll notice that it can hugely decrease your monthly expenses on grocery bills.

Meat is expensive in comparison to vegetables and fruits. At the price of a pound of beef, you can get several pounds of vegetables. So this cheaper diet will surely gonna save you lots of money.

5. Live Longer

According to the Loma Linda University, in California, a vegetarian diet can extend your life.

As result, it shows a lower mortality rate than all other types of diets. Recent studies have shown that people who eat the whole plant-based diet live 4-7 (female 4.4, Male 7.3) years longer than others who don’t eat.

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6. Healthier Skin

Plant-based diets are best in town if you want clear and healthy skin. Your skin can benefit from a plant diet in a number of ways.

This diet contains a wide array of skin-healthy nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, all needed for healthy skin.

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7. Easy Weight Control

Whether you are looking to burn extra fat or maintain your current healthy body weight, a balanced plant-based diet is a delicious approach to start with.

For a quick note, eating nothing but plants close to their natural state can help you lost weight quickly.

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8. Increased Energy

Eating a majority plant-based diet can greatly enhance your energy levels.

People who tried the Vegan Diet for a month feels more energetic. This helps them to cope with the afternoon slump and fatigue.

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9. Prevention of Diabetes

Diabetes is a completely preventable disease.

Eating a plant-based diet is especially good for those with diabetes. Tomatoes, Blueberries, Oranges, Walnuts, flax seeds, nuts, etc are all lined up for the same.

It can help you reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

10. For Good Heart Health

It is scientifically proven that eating a plant-based diet is very beneficial for your heart health as it reduces the risk of heart diseases by 20%.

11. Lower Your Cholesterol

Consuming a vegetarian diet was associated with low blood pressure. Non-vegetarian diets are high in trans fats, saturated fats that raise cholesterol levels.

Whole plants contain soluble fiber that helps to reduce cholesterol levels dramatically.

12. Improvement of Digestion Health

Plant-Based Diets are rich in fibers. High-fiber foods have a good impact on your health and digestion.

Fibers fueled the colon cells that keep your digestive system running smoothly.

13. Lower the Risk of Cancer

A diet that relies on plant-based foods compared to one based on animal-based foods may reduce the risks of colorectal cancer by 22 percent.

A diet rich in lots of fruits and vegetables lowers the women’s risk of Breast Cancer by 36 percent in comparison with who is more animal-based and processed diet.

14. Amp Your Sex Drive

Did you know that eating more plants can increase your sexual stamina and pleasure?

15. Conserve Water

Did you know? More than half of all water consumed in the US is used for animal agriculture. 

“The meat and dairy industry uses a full third of the entire planet’s freshwater. Based on a global average of water consumption for beef production, it takes about 460 gallons of water to produce just one quarter-pound hamburger.”

16. To Save the Environment

Every single day, more and more waste/excrement is producing by animal agriculture. All the more, Animal agriculture is also involved in the extinction of many spices.

As a report says, we could see fishless oceans by 2048, as 40% of fish caught globally every year are thrown out.

17. Eat to Save the Animals

One study says that the average meat-eater will eat around 100 animals a year. Now think how many animal deaths you could prevent if you ditch meat?

18. Help World Hunger

A report suggests that a plant-based diet can solve world hunger.

We are currently growing enough food to feed 10 billion people. But still, around 805 million people suffer from chronic hunger. Why?

Because the majority of this food goes to feed livestock, not hungry people.

19. Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

You might be surprised to know that Animal Agriculture exhausts more greenhouse gases than all transportation combined.

Yes, it is directly involved in around 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions.

20. Cuts Carbon

A big recent study says, “A plant-based diet will cut your carbon byproducts by a full 50%.”

“If every American dropped just one serving of chicken from their diet per week, it would save the same amount of CO2 emissions as removing 500,000 cars from the road.”

21. Conserves Land

“A meat-eater requires 18 times the amount of land necessary to feed someone eating plant-based.

Because it takes One and a half acres of land to produce 375 pounds of meat or 37,000 pounds of plant food.”

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    I love the idea of plant based foods. Can you share some recipes, please? My son in southern ca. He loves it. So healthy.

    • admin

      Hey Carol! I’m so happy you loved it!

      We have a dedicated page on healthy eating and recipes. Here you can find some delicious recipes picks. thenaturalside.com/healthy-eating/


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