Ayurveda Lifestyle: 11 Simple Ayurvedic Self Care Ideas to Start this week


Have you ever thought about connecting your body with the mind?

I guess most of you will say no and that’s something you need to have concerns about.

You must be waking up at the sound of your alarm mindlessly and move through your day monotonously.

Caring about everyone and everything else but yourself at the cost of your peace is not advisable. You must not pour everyone else while starving your own body.

For that, giving some time to your self should be a part of your daily schedule as you must know an empty cup can’t fill another.

Self-care doesn’t ask for something extraordinary such as fancy spas, daylong massages and days of seclusion. It all needs your little attention and a few small acts throughout the day.

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11 Ayurvedic Self Care Ideas to Build a Daily Healthy Routine

Now, you must be wondering how you can simply easily care about yourself.

The answer is you can simply rely on ayurvedic self-care routine that allows you to be more connected to your inner self with simple actions and makes you more aware of your thoughts and emotions.

1. Wake up at dawn:

This is the best gift to your body at the start of the day; inhaling fresh air and giving your eyes a feast of the beautiful sunrise.

Yet, if you don’t feel like getting up early, don’t force yourself. Be mindful and thankful for another new day.

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2. Eat fresh, & seasonal food

Ayurveda aims to maintain a healthy body that depends on several different factors. Among them, Ahara or your food is one of the important ones.

In Ayurveda, there are several specific guidelines for an ideal diet, based on your specific Dosha.

But the overlying principle is to eat food that’s plant-based or vegetarian, whole foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes.

Start from Mix it up for balance. And remember to eat as fresh, as seasonal, and as local as you can manage it.

3. Meditation:

It heals your emotional wounds and instills kindness in you.

Sit with your eyes closed, have a conversation with your inner self and seek the answers. it also decreases your blood pressure maintains better health. This is the best thing you can give to yourself.

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4. Pranayama(breathing exercise):

In Sanskrit, prana means life source + Ayama means extending. In the popular Indian traditional sciences like yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation, pranayama is also one of them.

Breathing exercises which focus on controlling your breath. Here you can find the two most important pranayama you should know.

Anuloma Viloma Pranayama

Anuloma Viloma Pranayama is a breathing practice through one nostril at a time.

You close your right nostril with thumb and breathe through the left nostril for 16 heartbeats and then change the side and hold your left nostril to inhale for the count of 8 with the right one.

It improves the cardiovascular system, aids in migraines and depression release and balances body sugar level.

Kapalbhati Pranayama

Kapalbhati means forehead shining breathing technique as it is believed through it your forehead shines and intellect gets brighten.

Simply sit crossed leg, shun all the thought and inhale well and exhale rapidly. Relax deeply and repeat this for 20 times. It strengthens your lungs, improves memory and regular practice brings the glow to your skin.

5. Spices & herbs as Medicine

Ayurveda considers spices are not just to add flavor in your food rather they are the traditional medicines. These species and herbs are packed with nutrients and comes with a wide range of properties and benefits.

You can incorporate them to get relief of everyday ailments like turmeric to minimize liver problems, ginger helps to relieve common colds, cinnamon is helpful for diabetics.

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6. Dry skin brushing:

Garshana or dry skin brushing is a regenerating food for your skin as it activates the lymphatic system, improves blood circulation and makes your skin smooth and soft.

Use non-synthetic brush (like this one); draw long strokes on arms and legs and circular on the rest of the body. Avoid dry brushing your face, neck, sensitive areas and wet skin or if you have eczema or psoriasis skin.

7. Self-massage:

Self-massage is known as “abhyanga” which comes with relaxing and soothing properties. It relaxes your muscles, relieves stress, and boost your energy.

Use jojoba oil that suits every body type. You can also choose oils depending on your doshas like…

  • Vata: Sesame oil
  • Pitta: Coconut oil
  • Kapha: Safflower oil

Start from your scalp then move-in circular motion to increase the blood flow and soothes the nervous system.

Similarly, massage your face in round motions and move to your body as it stimulates lymphatic nodes. End your massage at your feet.

The whole experience relaxes your body and activates some crucial points. After massaging, take a bath with natural products.

8. Sun salutation:

Several poses come in this category and they are called “Suriya Namaskar” in Sanskrit. It regulates your cardiovascular system and increases flexibility as well as strength of your body.

9. Buy some ghee:

Ghee is a pure but good kind of fat. It helps in reducing the inflammation, regulates eye health, boosts the immune system and keeps your heart healthy.

It is full of vitamins and omega-3 but still, it should be taken in a moderate amount daily.

10. Nap:

In the afternoon, you must have a nap to reactivate and rejuvenate your body cells to work better during the rest of the days. Have your light and healthy lunch and nap!

11. Evening routines:

You must take your last meal before sunset or 3 hours before you sleep.

Always rely on something very light in dinner or if you don’t want to eat something, simply drink night time drinks.

Hit the bed earliest to have a sound sleep of 6-8 hours.

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