12 Easy Poses to Perfect Sun Salutation for Beginners

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No one can deny the fact that the sun is the ultimate source of life for all living beings on this planet. Or it won’t be wrong to say that the sun is soul to the process of growth and nurture of everything living.

Sun salutation is an English version of Surya Namaskar, a Sanskrit term, that simply means

‘paying respect to the Sun.

This practice is getting all the right fame as you derive physical and mental benefits from it.

The energy of the Sun can do magic to your bodily well-being particularly when done at the sunrise. This is the time when you get a feel of newness and power of Sun’s vibration.

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12 Simple Steps to Practice The Surya Namskar

If you can’t get up early, it’s not a big deal.

You can practice it right before the sunset too but make sure you do it on an empty stomach.

Here, you get a glimpse of 12 power-packed poses of Sun Salutation with their respective mantras to chant that would bring a positive change in your life.

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1. Pranamasana:

Pranamasana or prayer pose relaxes you and develops your concentration. Prayer pose comes with ’Om Mitraya Namaha’ mantra.

Steps to do Pranamasana

  • Stand with relaxed shoulders and balance the whole bodyweight equally.
  • Lift your arms above your head.
  • Join the palms and bring the hands in front of your chest and exhale.
  • Stay like this and repeat the mantra.


2. Hasta Uttanasana:

This pose has multiple effects as it improves flexibility, digestion and breathing ability of your lungs. The raised arm pose mantra is ‘Om Ravaye Namaha’.

Steps to do Hasta Uttanasana

  • Stand straight and raise your arms while inhaling.
  • Chant the mantra.
  • Move your arms with joined palms backward and try to bend from your waist backward as much as you can.
  • Your biceps should be near your ears.


3. Hasta Padasana:

It helps in belly fat reduction and stretches your back muscles. The hand to foot pose chants ‘Om Suriyaya Namaha’.

Steps to do Hasta Padasana

  • Stand straight and inhale deeply.
  • Meanwhile, bend forward as long as your hands can touch your feet if not the ground completely.
  • Keep chanting the mantra while exhaling.
  • Make sure as you move to advance level your hands can be rested on the ground and your forehead touches your legs.

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4. Ashwa Sanchalanasana:

Equestrian pose along with its mantra ‘Om Bhanave Namaha’ is ideal for balance and flexibility in your legs.

Steps to do Ashwa Sanchalanasana

  • Sit on your feet, inhale and start stretching your right leg back as much as you can.
  • While bending your left leg and placing your palms on the ground, arch your back inwards.
  • Look forward and keep chanting the mantra.


5. Parvatasana:

It increases the blood circulation to your head and strengthens your arms and legs. Mountain pose is with mantra ‘Om Khagaya Namaha’ and this pose is a sequel of Equestrian.

Steps to do Parvatasana

  • Now exhale while repeating the mantra and bring your left leg back with the right leg.
  • Raise your hips and make an inverted ‘V’.
  • Make sure your head is between your arms and palms are resting on the ground straight.


6. Ashtanga Namaskara:

Hold your breath and chant the mantra ‘Om Pushne Namaha’. It brings strength to hands, chest, and legs.

Steps to do Ashtanga Namaskara

As you’ve held the breath, come to the ground as to meet 8 points to it.

2 feet toes, 2 knees, chest, 2 hands, and chin should all be touching the floor.

make sure your hands are placed in line with the shoulders.

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7. Bhujangasana:

Cobra pose is powerful with ‘Om Iranya Kerbhaya Namaha’. It regulates menstrual abnormalities, tones the lower body and improves the reproductive system.

Steps to do Bhujangasana

  • From the previous pose, breathe in and lift your body with the support of your hands.
  • Straight arms with hands right beneath the shoulders and feet touching the ground.


8. Parvatasana:

It is the same pose as the fifth one but with the reverse strategy.

You need to exhale and lift your body from buttocks.

Make a mountain and chant ‘Om Marichaye Namaha’.

9. Ashwa Sanchalanasana:

This is the repetition of the fourth pose with a different mantra and breath.

Breathe in deeply with ‘Om Savitiri Namaha’.

Switch the legs and bend your back inward while looking forward.

10. Hasta Padasana:

This is what you did in step 3.

But this time exhale and utter the mantra ‘Om Arkaya Namaha’.

You can easily improve the efficiency of holding this pose with repetition.

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11. Hasta Uttanasana:

Do it exactly like step 2 but with slight modifications.

Inhale with the mantra ‘Om Adityaya Namaha’.

With more and more practice you can bend with ease.

12. Pranamasana:

Now come to the first pose at a steady pace.

Exhale and repeat ‘Om Bhaskaraya Namaha’.

Sun salutation is to bring ease for you so better start with 2 sets and gradually increase the practices. I’m sure you’ll be doing all the 12 poses a day very soon.

Extract the Sun Energy as much as you can! 🙂

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