The Best Yoga Poses for Your Zodiac Sign


Where is the page of daily horoscope, what does your star sign say about you, how would your week be like?

If this is your highly anticipated and search-at-the-foremost area in any of the magazines or on the internet then this post is for you.

Even if you aren’t an astrology freak, you will be amazed at finding how yoga poses are remarkably linked with the zodiac signs.

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The Best Yoga Poses for Your Sign

Each zodiac sign possesses unique characteristics and different elements that have a strong impact on the future as well as the personalities of each individual.

Similarly, each yoga pose serves varied purposes to the yogi and that makes it important to know which yoga pose can work best when aligned with a specific sign.

Which yoga pose can suit your sign and stabilize your physical and emotional health is going to be discussed here, now! So are you ready?

1. Aries:

Aries, a fire sign, has “headstrong” energy as ruled by Mars, governs head and the brain and makes you a warrior.

Your ideal pose: Warrior (I, II, III) poses, balances the fiery energy and builds stamina and strength to calm you internally.

The Best Yoga Poses for Your Zodiac Sign - ARIES - Warrior II

Here are a few simple steps to do Warrior (I, II, III) poses.

  • Extend your left leg ahead of the right. Bend the extended leg and the right leg should make a 60-degree angle with the ground.
  • Turn your right foot out and outstretch your arms in the direction of the respective legs. Deep breaths, hold for 2-3 minutes and then switch the side.

2. Taurus:

Bull and Earth energy make you steady, patient and a workaholic or sometimes stuck in a situation.

Your ideal pose:  Goddess pose, de-stresses your stuck mind and improves awareness, stability, and focus.

The Best Yoga Poses for Your Zodiac Sign - TAURUS - goddess

Here are a few simple steps to do Goddess pose.

  • Stand with 3-4feet width apart feet, do a half squat. Lift your arms as your triceps are parallel to the ground and hands in the air.

3. Gemini:

Gemini, the air sign, rules over the nervous system. Gemini loves to be a chatterbox and also seeks challenges and change.

Your ideal pose: Cobra pose, lets them meditate in silence, relieve tension in the shoulders and bringing toes to the head offers a challenge to Gemini.

Here are a few simple steps to do Cobra pose.

  • Lie down on the stomach, raise your upper body with the help of your hands and arms.
  • Then try to bring your head and toes in contact while folding your legs.

4. Cancer:

Cancer, a water sign, governs chest and digestion and this sign searches for the warmth of safety and comfort.

Your ideal pose: Forward fold, circulates the energy to the stomach and helps indigestion. Plus, all the love, gratitude, compassion and protection are provided with this pose.

Here are a few simple steps to do Forward fold pose.

  • Stand straight, bend forward from hips and hug your thighs with your upper body while gently placing your hands on the ground.

5. Leo:

Leos are regal and stunning and ruled by the fire element. This sign governs heart, back, and forearms.

Your ideal pose: Roar like a lion, it is simply going to ease tension in your upper back and open your heart. Sticking out your tongue and making a sound of “haa” will tap into the childlike nature of your determined and fiery personality.

Here are a few simple steps to do this pose.

  • Be on your knees and hands, arch your back inward, open your eyes and mouth wide and pop out your tongue.
  • Voila! You’re a lion.

6. Virgo:

Virgo, earth element, is too conscious about perfection and focuses on clean living and better health. It rules over the nervous system and intestines and to maintain balance in the system restorative yoga poses are needed.

Your ideal pose: Boat pose, empowers your abdomen and restores a balance and simply brings the energy of virtuous Virgo into you.

Here are a few simple steps to do Boat pose.

  • Sit and try to lift your legs, bring your thighs close to the stomach and make your shins parallel to the ground.
  • Slightly tilt back to balance the body and raise your hands as your legs.

7. Libra:

This, air element, sign yearns to have balance and support and can be helped by yoga pose. Libra rules over kidneys and lowers back.

Your ideal pose: Dancer’s pose brings poise, strength, and elegance that you’re looking for. It strengthens the lower body.

Here are a few simple steps to do the Dancer’s pose.

  • Stand tall and start lifting your left leg backward until you can hold it with your left hand up in the air.
  • Stretch the other arm forward and balance your body on the right leg.

8. Scorpio:

Scorpio, a water sign, a dangerously passionate and sometimes develop pent-up negative feelings. It rules over the pelvic area and tensions from there need to go somewhere.

Your ideal pose: Locust pose, a hip-opener that releases stagnant emotions in the hip area.

Here are a few simple steps to do Locust pose.

  • Lie down on your stomach, start lifting your feet, arms, head, and shoulders off the ground.

9. Sagittarius:

Sagittarius, a fire sign, governs over thigh and hips and is a more energetic sign.

Your ideal pose: The happy baby pose opens the hip area and stretches it properly as Sagittarius is prone to develop hip or thigh ailments.

The Best Yoga Poses for Your Zodiac Sign - SAGITTARIUS - happy baby (1)

Here are a few simple steps to do the happy baby pose.

  • Lie on your back, pull thighs up to the stomach and grab your feet with your hands between the legs.

10. Capricorn:

Earth element, strong, independent and the most reliable sign yet find it difficult to open up their emotional side. It rules knees, bones, and teeth.

Your ideal pose: Mountain pose, root you to the ground and bring openness and gratitude to inner self and heart.

Here are a few simple steps to do Mountain pose.

  • Stand tall and bring your hands near your chest while touching the palms.

11. Aquarius:

Moves like its element, air, and thrives to travel from old to new. It oversees the circulatory system.

Your ideal pose: Half lotus brings unity and stability to mind, body, and soul and clears the path.

Here are a few simple steps to do half lotus pose.

  • Sit with crossed legs, one foot under the opposite knee and hands-on both knees. Breathe deeply with closed eyes.

12. Pisces:

An emotional, water element, rules feet and liver and is compassionate.

Your ideal pose: Fish pose calms your heart and brings tranquility and bliss of a fish.

Here are a few simple steps to do the fish pose.

  • Lay down straight, raise your chest while curving out your upper body. Head, hands, hips, and legs should be on the ground.

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