15 Genius Weight Loss Motivation Tips that Actually Work

Weight Loss

The aroma of your favorite food, the sight of pizza, the smoke of barbeque!

And there goes your whole plan of weight loss down the drain. 😭

Now, you have feelings of remorse and thought that you can’t stay on the track of this plan anymore.

Well, some unusual weight loss motivation tricks can help you to shed extra pounds, to get your desired shape and above all to keep the internal body functions fit.

Although losing weight is not as much as easy as putting on because you have to make some sacrifices in the latter yet there is a similarity between these two opposite phases and that is the time.

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Unusual & Genius Weight Loss Motivation Tips

You can neither gain weight overnight and nor can you lose it in a day.

Just as it takes you months or years to get some more fats around your skeleton, it is going to take a few weeks or months of determination to lose the fats.

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All you need is to be patient with you and try to contribute some weight loss motivation tricks into your life.

If you’re still reading, congratulations you are motivated a bit to get started. Here, you get a sneak into some crazy and handy weight loss tips from around the world. These may sound weird, but give them a try!

1. Proteins in the morning:

Start your day with protein-rich breakfast that will keep you energetic and filled during the day. You won’t be stuffing yourself with junk food.

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2. Eat, in front of the mirror:

It may sound weird but it’s going to make a difference. Once you start eating while looking into the mirror, you’d keep a check on you and remind yourself of the purpose of your weight loss.

3. Visualize yourself in the desired shape:

It will surely motivate you to stay on your track. The more you have a clear picture of your fittest self the better you’d stick to your weight loss plan.

4. Drink water:

Keep yourself hydrated as it will regulate your body temperature and more water means fewer calories as you won’t be taking soft drinks.

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5. Shoot your plate:

Why note down every morsel you eat when you have the liberty of taking pictures.

A picture can reveal to you better what you eat and how to make it healthier. Plus, a series of your food will let you know from you started and how you have evolved.

6. Choose the right crockery:

Small plates and the white ones are going to make you eat less as you’ll dish out a small portion and that would pop out quite a bigger on the white plate.

7. Soup as a starter:

Pick some of your favorite veggies and have a healthy soup before a meal that will calm down your appetite and you’d eat less. There are a variety of soups for weight loss.

8. Take a generous amount of spices:

Add a little bit of more cayenne, red chili powder, black pepper, turmeric and cinnamon in your healthy food as they are excellent fat burners. And, they will make your food better flavored.

9. Substitutes to the junk:

One of the best weight loss motivation tricks is that you can still treat yourself with your favorite fast food with a little alteration.

You can make pizza dough with mashed potatoes, broccoli or cauliflower, and lettuce wraps or Portobello mushrooms for burger buns.

10. Don’t be too hard on you:

Took a pizza slice at a night out with friends, don’t you regret about a single cheat meal.

Start your work out the next day as planned. A single stumble won’t hurt if you have had your plan followed through the entire week.

11. Coffee, on the list:

Coffee is no longer categorized as an infamous ingredient in the pantry. Rather, it is good for your liver’s health and acts as an energy booster during the workout session.

Just limit the amount of sugar and milk in it.

12. Fruit and vegetables:

Fruit and veggies are rich in fiber that makes you feel fuller for longer and you won’t crave for anything less.

13. Say no to processed food:

Rely more and more on natural food as canned products come with additives and preservatives that can make you gain more weight.

14. Regular weight measure:

You count your calories and had a clear plan about fitness goals. It’s time to know how it all paid off and that would keep you focused.

15. Sleep:

Who would not want to enjoy a deep slumber?

Then, take a pillow and drift away in your fairyland as sound sleep in a dark room helps you in your weight loss program.

Many of us, fall a victim of becoming fleshy but there is no way that you can’t lose that weight. Just keep your head and spirit high!

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