101+ Weight Loss Tips That Make Losing Weight Super Simple!

Weight Loss

Losing weight fast and easy can be a challenge for everyone.

One of the reasons that make losing weight such a challenging task is the plateau effect. 

Plateau effect… people start, when there is no progress, they get disappointed and tend to stop their weight loss efforts

Weight loss is not a disease, weight gain and weight loss is a part of the life of a living creature.

But keeping a balance is NECESSARY.

Your unfit body is the result of your bad eating habits and poor lifestyle you are relying on (except for some diseases).

Weight loss is not hard at all.

You don’t need to push yourself hard at the level where people lost their goals and inspiration. 

You just have to ditch those bad eating habits and rely on a healthy lifestyle. And that’s the hard part for many and here they lose their motivation not weight.

But in this article, we’ve collected more than 101 (I’ll keep updating this page for more additions) easy peasy weight loss tips and hacks

These weight loss tips are very simple to follow and easy to add in your daily routine. So here we go!

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101+ Weight Loss Tips to Help You Slim Down

Choose the best combination of these weight loss tips (or most of) that suits you in your daily routine, and the results will surely satisfy you. 🙂

Weight loss secret lies in your diet

1. Reduce carbohydrates

2. Eat more whole grains for your source of carbohydrates

3. Increase protein, replace carb foods with protein foods.

4. Enrich your diet with fiber

5. When you fill hungry, eat fiber-rich fruits and vegetables.

6. Ditch the trans fats

7. Drink about 3-5 liter water every day.

8. Eat slowly.

9. No eating out.

10. Don’t say yes to emotional eating.

11. Don’t starve yourself.

12. Hit the grocery store only after eating

13. Choose methods of cooking that use lesser amounts of oil

14. Become more conscious of your calorie intake

15. Put a stop to visiting a coffee shop after work

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Cut out bad foods

16. Avoid eating rice, sugar, and salt as much as possible.

17. No packaged food.

18. Avoid junk foods like pizza, burgers, sausages, etc.

19. Cut out soda

20. Strictly avoid red meat.

21. Quit Chewing Gum

22. Cut out, sweets.

23. Avoid mayonnaise as much as possible

24. Skip the potatoes

Say yes to good foods!

25. Switch to Green Tea instead of Tea/Coffee.

26. Swap popsicles for frozen red grapes

27. Prefer sprouts to snacks, consume twice a day for brunch or in the evening as salads.

28. Eat five servings of fresh fruits or veggies every day.

29. Consume fruits with high water content and fewer calories like watermelon, cucumber, papaya, etc.

30. Eat a handful of nuts every day.

31. Add some pepper to your daily meals

32. A little ginger in your meal plan can do a lot to achieve your weight loss goals

33. Avocado is your new best friend for slimmer body

34. Eating plain Greek yogurt daily is a great decision.

35. Spice up your food with chili peppers

36. Add some cloves to your meal

37. Sprinkle on some little cinnamon on your coffee could mean a lot less weight on your body.

38. If you can’t avoid drinking beverages, choose those that contain less sugar.

39. It is always better to have fresh fruits than fruit juices

Jumpstart your morning

40. Drink hot water with lemon and honey every morning on an empty stomach.

41. Take a shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning

42. Eat a banana when you wake up in the morning

43. Never skip your breakfast.

44. Eat eggs for breakfast

45. Drink water minutes before eating breakfast.

46. Eat a heavy breakfast

How to eat meals… the right way

47. Eat an apple before dinner

48. Know your serving sizes.

49. Eat on blue plates

50. Grab some smaller dishes

51. Color your plate.

52. Never consume more than 3 meals a day.

53. Eating around 5 to 6 times a day. That means 3 meals + 2/3 snacks

54. Eat healthy snacks between meals.

55. Focus on your meal when eating. Don’t watch TV or use your computer when you are eating.

56. Your lunch and dinner should always be light.

57. Never consume snacks or foods when you have a food craving sensation.

58. Start your meal with water

59. Try putting on some soft music while you eat.

Say Namaste to physical activities

60. Warm-up before starting your workout routine

61. Listen to good music while working out

62. Do your exercise routines outdoors from time to time

63. Do some stretching before working out

64. Do push-ups

65. Do squats to strengthen your core

66. Do reverse sit-ups

67. Do crunches with an exercise ball

68. Do leg lifts

69. Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

70. Plank

71. Walk 30 minutes every day.

72. Say yes to daily walking, and jogging.

73. Do swimming.

74. Do skipping.

75. Do cardio workout 20 minutes a day, five days a week.

76. Add yoga to your routine.

Be a more physical person

77. Cook your own meals

78. Wash your car

79. Clean the house

80. Avoid sitting down for long periods of time

81. Do gardening

82. Play with your kids more

83. Get yourself a pet dog

Sleep is the key component of weight loss

84. Go to Bed Earlier

85. Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

86. Don’t eat 2 hours before you go to sleep.

87. Do bedtime yoga

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Identify Your Motivation

88. Always stay inspired.

89. Say Some Affirmations

90. Keep a food journal

91. Track the results.

92. Weigh Yourself Daily

93. Check out exercise videos on youtube

94. Read stories about people who were able to lose weight successfully

95. Losing weight can become more effective and fun if you do it together with your friend or partner.

96. Surround Yourself With People Who Support Your Goals

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Ditch poor lifestyle habits

97. Get some time to relax and relieve stress

98. Good posture strengthens your tummy muscles.

99. Cut out alcohol

100. Quitting smoking actually improves metabolic performance.

101. Turn Off the TV to avoid binge-watching and eating.

If you really find something good or helpful then please share with others!

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