7 Best Fat Burning Workout to Lose Belly Fat Fast


Do you pick loose shirts while shopping, place a cushion in your lap when sitting with your friends or try to hold your breath as long as possible just to hide your muffin top?

But these tactics are not a long term solution and you end up with a feeling of embarrassment in public. 

Not only does it take your chances of wearing bodycon dresses away but also poses severe threats to your internal health such as heart disease, diabetes or even some cancers. It’s time to get rid of this fat instead of hiding it.

So, we feel your pain and have brought you a set of practical and handy exercises that would surely shed those fats and boost confidence in your personality. You’d have a taut and toned tummy same as the models in billboards.

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Fat Burning Workout to Lose Belly Fat Fast

1. Crunch:

While making a list of workouts for a flat stomach, crunch takes the top position. It targets your abdominal muscles.

  • Lie down straight on your back.
  • Put your hands at the back of your head and lift the head.
  • Now, raise your legs at 90 degrees with the floor.
  • Inhale while lifting the legs and exhale while holding the position.
  • Repeat it 10-15 times.

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2. Twist crunch:

  • Start from the basic crunch position.
  • Lift your right shoulder and make sure not to lift the complete upper torso.
  • Try to touch your right elbow with your left knee while pulling your left leg near to your chest.
  • You’ll feel an exertion in your abs.
  • Repeat with the other side as well and do this for 10-15 times in 3 sets.

3. Reverse crunch:

Women can completely rely on this reverse crunch because of its effectiveness.

  • Lie down on the flat surface with your straight arms at both sides.
  • Lift your legs while bending the knees to make your shin parallel to the ground.
  • Cross your feet.
  • Lift your head and torso while contracting your abdominal muscles.
  • Breathe out when contracting the stomach and breathe in while lowering back down.
  • Repeat it for 12-16 times.

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4. Mountain climber exercise:

It puts exertion at your core area as well as engages whole body muscles effectively.

  • Support your body on your feet and arms as you do in high-plank.
  • Your wrists should be right beneath your shoulders.
  • Hold your tummy back as much as you can or as a rope is tightened on it.
  • Bring your right knee near your chest and then straighten as the plank.
  • Repeat with the left leg and keep switching the legs.
  • Here you are! Climbing on the mountain and taking the flab off.

5. Ball crunch:

It targets your belly fats vigorously.

  • Get yourself an exercise ball.
  • Lie down on the ball with anchoring your feet on the ground.
  • Support your lower back on the ball and place your hands behind your head.
  • Lift your upper torso forward while contracting your stomach.
  • Lower your back down on the ball and try to keep it stable.
  • Exhale with each crunch and inhale while lowering your back down.
  • This is quite difficult yet the most effective one.
  • Repeat as long as you feel comfortable.

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6. Cycling:

Cycling helps a lot in removing that extra fat at the sides of your tummy. You got a bicycle that’s a great way to lose weight and to explore your area.

  • Even you don’t own it follow two simple steps.
  • Lie down on your back.
  • Bend your legs while drawing your knees above your stomach.
  • Pedal your legs as you do while cycling for at least 10 minutes.

7. Running or walking:

These are highly recommended as works on the complete body and specifically belly fat.

  • The only equipment that helps run or walk is a comfortable and sporty pair of shoes.
  • Needless to say, running burns more fats but walking doesn’t lag by far.

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