20-Minute Morning Exercise Routine to Stay Fit for Life


If you feel physically drained and lethargic for the rest of the day, you are not giving yourself the right dose of exercise at the beginning of your day.

You might be taking a good diet but a workout session for only 20 minutes will leave a refreshing impact on you for sure.

A set of physical movements as a start-up will wake up your whole body muscles and make them flexible and active enough to deal with the stress throughout the day.

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 Exercise doesn't have to be boring. 20 Minute Morning Exercise Plan You Can Ever Do To Stay Healthy. Fitness tips via thenaturalside.com #fitness #exercise #workout #health

Morning Exercise Routine You Should Do Every Day

You need nothing to carry out these moves but a motivation to start it. Because trust me, you won’t stop once you get used to these workouts.

life is getting up one hour early to ive an hour more

Here’s your treat of morning exercise routine that would be the best time of your day.

1. Open-up your eyes early:

Waking up early can make your workout more effective.

It doesn’t mean you need to get up before sunrise but start 15 minutes earlier than your usual time so you get enough time to do the workout.

Give yourself a few minutes to wake up, you may like to drink water, start listening to your favorite music, etc.

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2. Go for a walk

Walking Benefits

The next best thing that will happen to your body is the joy of mother-nature. Go to the park and extract the benefits of the fresh morning as much as you can!

Prep your playlist and we go for our morning walk and spend time outside in nature.

3. Surya Namaskar: The most powerful yoga routine

sun salutation yoga

If you ask me one thing you shouldn’t miss in your daily exercise routine, Sun salutation is the obvious answer.

After morning walk you should carry out Sun Salutation that consists of 12 asanas. It will heal and rejuvenate your energy with sun rays.

Don’t know how to do it? Here is step by step guide to practice Sun Salutation in a graceful flow.

4. Pranayama:

Sit back, relax. It’s time to do some pranayama.

Pranayama is a breathing technique known as the most important part of yoga practice. Pranayama quickly balances energy and stabilizes moods.

Here are the two best yet beneficial pranayama exercises worth practicing.

The Right Way to Do Kapalbhati
Image source

1. Kapalbhati Pranayama: engage yourself in a powerful breathing technique that is short and deals with a mindful inhaling and exhaling.

This Yogic breathing Kapalbhati pranayama detoxifies your body to improves the function of the pancreas, the lungs, and the respiratory system.

2. Anulom Vilom: a second breathing technique that deals with several illnesses. In Anulom Vilom, inhaling and exhaling interrupted by several pauses.

5. Meditation:

mindfulness meditation
Image by Garrison Institute

You are in nature, It’s morning! What are you missing?

It’s a peaceful session of meditation. Sit with closed and practice meditation that will connect you to your inner self and will bring peace to your soul.

6. Ultimate life hack – Yoga:

Yoga is an ultimate life hack that gives your body and minds a magical feel and that too with a small effort.

Yoga doesn’t need you to work out excessively and it’s the best option for those of you who can’t hit the gym.

Spread out your yoga mat and practice the easiest yoga poses that won’t put too much stress on your muscles but will greatly help in toning them down. All it needs is your 5-10 minutes.

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yoga inspiration
Image: yogspiration

We recommend you some easy yet effective poses such as:

  • Backbend Pose, will open up your front body, improves hip flexibility and mobility of the lower body.
  • Downward Dog Pose, strengthens your arms, shoulders, hamstring, and legs.
  • Child’s Pose stretches your hip, thighs, and ankle.

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7. Bump- up the intensity:

If you still have will to go beyond simple yoga poses and indulge into some more intense exercise, you must consider the following workouts:

Plank, not only does it strengthen your core but the whole body. 3 sets of 30sec!
Push-up, it is the fittest exercise to build strength. 3 sets of 12reps!
Squats, to tone up and to strengthen calves, leg muscles, and hamstring. 3 sets of 12reps!

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8. Gymholic? Go for HIIT!

Still, have the urge to do extra and can’t contain your enhanced energy?

Simply go for HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training).

As the name suggests, you’ve to carry out this training session with a high level of intensity which is arranged as short bursts.

You need to push yourself to the maximum in every set of cardio that stays from 20 to 90 seconds each.

Similarly, breaks between each set are as much as important as the intensity because it prepares the body to perform with maximum power.

  • Make your HIIT challenging by alternating the routines regularly.
  • Highly beneficial for swift weight loss.
Follow this 7 step morning exercise plan for healthy body & mind. Fitness tips via thenaturalside.com #fitness #exercise #workout #health

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