19 Ways to Reduce Plastic from Your Home and Save Money


It’s a saddening fact that our very own beautiful home, the earth, is getting polluted with every passing day and plastic takes a prominent place in these toxic materials that are playing havoc to the environment in general.

It’s high time we give a thought about minimizing the use of this synthetic product.

You’d find it hard to believe that not only does earth get polluted by this non-degradable material but also we consume it in several ways and surprisingly according to a study even through seafood.

Well, the amount and frequency with which it has incorporated in our lives will take time to completely substitute its use but at least we can and should try to reduce it gradually to live and pass on to our next generation a green life.

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19 Easy Swaps for Plastic Free Living

You must know that the benefit of less plastic is not just confined to a clean and green environment but also it has a monetary factor.

Yes, you read it right as by switching to reusable alternatives you won’t need to spend your hard-earned money on plastic things every time.

Here you can consider these 19 simple ways to replace plastic products with better options.

1. Say no to plastic water bottles:

Reduce the use of plastic bottles; you can drink from your faucet, your Berkey system.

For taking your water with you, stainless steel bottles are reliable. These are insulated and keep your water cold or warm.

2. Time to try different straws:

It’s time to stop using plastic straws; you can easily find stainless straws that can be reused over and over.

3. Green shopping bags:

Consider shifting from plastic to reusable material such as burlap, canvass, and paper.

You can add a customized unique touch to these shopping bags by paining or colorful stitching on them to look trendier.

4. Bulk quantities:

Forget the plastic containers for cereals, rice, pasta, etc. buy them in bulk and store in large stainless steel.

5. Rely on home-made products:

Why not give it a try?

Eat home-made, fresh and healthy food and grow your veggies, make your bread, kinds of ketchup, mayonnaise, yogurt, etc.

Stay away from unnecessary packaging!

6. A creative sustainable idea:

Synthetic cling wraps are easily available at your kitchen counter.

Try making your cling wraps by using natural materials and there you go with reusable cling wraps.

Wash them and use them repeatedly. You can find some good recipes on the web.

7. Avoid buying frozen food:

Eat fresh food instead and eliminate the useless containers to pile up and you will be saving some extra spent money on processed food.

8. Meat wraps:

Say no to plastic wraps for your meat and have them wrapped in paper, cheesecloth or these reusable beeswax wraps.

9. Take-out food:

Be mindful while ordering at a restaurant and try not to have too much yet if it happens unintentionally.

Consider bringing your container for take-out or use restaurant doggy-bag.

10. Give up chewing gum:

A cringe-worthy fact that chewing gum is made of a synthetic material means plastic. You will never want to have another again!

11. Boxes instead of bottles:

Buy your detergents and cleaning products in boxes that are degradable.

12. Plasticware at home:

Reduce the use of plastic utensils at home and use glasswares, silicone or stainless steel crockery.

13. Cooking utensils:

You should bid a good-bye to non-stick pans and switch to cast-iron and stainless steel.

14. Don’t buy soda cans:

Use a disposable cup or bottle for beverages even if you’re buying from a to-go shop.

15. Do it yourself laundry soap:

Do you know you can have a better washing soap on your own?

Something as vinegar and baking soda mixture with few other ingredients. That is less toxic and reduces the need for bottles.

16. Toothbrushes and hairbrush:

You must be using plastic ones; you can weigh on degradable bamboo made long-lasting brushes. You can try this set of bamboo makeup brushes.

17. Razors:

Have a razor with replaceable blades instead of a disposable plastic razor.

18. Pet bowls:

Your pet too doesn’t have to be fed in plastic bowls, use stainless steel instead to also avoid the breakage.

19. Lit a match stick:

It’s better to use matches in place of plastic disposable lighter or you should also consider refillable metal lighter.

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