Check Out Top 5 Most Expensive Spices in the World


Do you know which are the most expensive Spices in the world? At the end of this post, you will find out the top 5 Most Expensive Spices in the World.

But before we go, you should know a bit about spices.

Spices are native from South Asian countries like India, SriLanka, Nepal, etc.

And if you are an Indian food fan? You might know, what makes Indian food so much tasty.

Indian cuisines are totally incomplete in the absence of these magical ingredients.

Spices can be the seed, fruit, root, bark, or any other plant substances. They are low in calories and have no side effects.

Basically, Spices used as a flavoring agent but they are more than just a cooking ingredient. Spices are also weighed for their medicinal, beauty, and traditional benefits.

And as far as health matters, spices show innumerable benefits. They detoxify your skin and body, improves digestion, regulate metabolism, fighting infections and many others.

Here is our list of the top 5 most expensive spices in the world.

Top 5 Most Expensive Spices in the World

1. Saffron

Price– $1600-5000/ pound

Yes, the Saffron is the most expensive spice in the World. And not any other spice can dare to compete with its price.

India is the largest manufacturer of saffron in the World. But what makes saffron most expensive?

Two simple and straight facts to understand here.

First and very understandable, not every environment suits for the cultivation of saffron.

Second, a pound of this expensive threads obtains from one acre that’s about 80000 flowers.

You can easily find saffron in many Indian sweet cuisines to enhance the taste and color. Saffron is also widely used in beauty and healthcare products.

In health terms, saffron also lowers the blood pressure, prevents heart diseases, respiratory and skin problems.

“80000 flowers are needed to obtain a pound of Saffron threads.”

2. Vanilla

Price– $50-200 / pound

In the Spanish, the word Vanilla means “a little pod”. Vanilla comes from the flat-leaved vanilla plant. It harvests in Central America, Madagascar, and Mexico.

This expensive element is a very familiar ingredient for the Kitchen lovers. And a bakery shop might be incomplete in the absence of vanilla. Although there is an artificial option available in the market, still original vanilla remains on its standard.

Vanilla is widely famous for its use in flavoring in ice creams, sweets, and other desserts.

“Vanilla is the world’s second most expensive spice.”

3. Cardamom

Price– $30/ pound

Cardamom is a pod-shaped spice, retains the small black seeds inside which grows on Elettaria & Amomum plants. This spice is commercially harvested in India and Guatemala.

Cardamom is a plant of aroma and flavor. Basically, grows in two different qualities, Green and Brown. Green Cardamom is widely used as a flavoring in traditional Indian sweets, tea, desserts, and candies.

Cardamom has several health benefits too. Cardamom is considered to be highly beneficial for Asthma, Appetite, Hypertension, Alleviates Digestive Issues, etc.

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4. Clove

Price– $10/pound

Clove is a spicey ingredient which is native to Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Zanzibar, Madagascar, India. Clove has a strong aroma and flavor. its essence is one of the most important elements to make many types of perfumes.

Clove is not only spicy in taste, but It also shows the spiciness fighting over health diseases. Clove prevents anxiety, stress, removes blemishes, scars, and provides instant relief from nausea and vomiting.

“Cloves essential oil is used as a painkiller for dental emergencies.”

5. Cinnamon

Price– $6/pound

Cinnamon is an extremely aromatic spice which sized around 1-4 inch. It has a sweet and savory taste.

Cinnamon comes from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum tree which is native to Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, and their neighbor countries. Cinnamon is widely used to flavor in chocolates, desserts, spicy candies, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, Pickles, liqueurs, etc.

Besides being rich in taste and flavor, it’s health benefits cannot be underestimated. Cinnamon fights many diseases diabetes, heart diseases, Inflammatory, cancer, etc.

“Cinnamon oil will prevent bugs from feasting on you.”

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