9 Nutritious Superfoods to build muscle & Strength



Superfoods to build muscle & strength

More Strength means More Muscles, Correct?

The heavier weight you lift, the stronger and bigger your muscles become. In the simple words, just lift the heavyweights and you will gain the muscle mass naturally.

Do you find this completely right? I think you are missing something here, for your muscle building training. It means that’s not completely correct.

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You are forgetting the Nutrition there. Yup, Nutrition is the worthwhile part of the build-up body muscles. A balanced intake of nutritious food can boost up your Muscle building training. Or You can say, you need less workout for building the muscles.

So what it means? Means you can gain more muscle mass by doing less training.

Sometimes people ignore nutrition with their training, they find it complicated. But it is not an option.

The best way to build up the muscles is adding the nutrition rich diet along with your workout. A diet that rich in a variety of Proteins, fruits, Carbs, Healthy Fats, and Veggies.

There are various types of foods, you can intake for building the muscles. Here we are going to show 10 Superfoods to build muscle & strength.

1. Eggs

Protein: 7g/egg

Eggs are packed with nine types of essential Amino Acids, High-Quality Proteins, right Fats, Riboflavin, Folic Acid and Vitamins like A, E, K, B12. Additionally, Egg has Choline, a water-soluble Vitamin as an essential nutrient for repairing muscles.

You can eat 2 eggs daily to build up your strength.

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2. Milk

Milk is loaded with almost all sorts of things necessary to muscle and strength build up. It has two types of Proteins, Whey that is about 20% and Casein about 80%. Milk is one of the best pre-workout drinks as low-fat chocolate milk.

You can take a glass of low-fat skimmed after the workout.

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3. Quinoa

Protein: 14gm/100gm serving

Like eggs and unlike most grains, Quinoa is loaded with all nine essential Amino Acids that your body can’t produce. Quinoa has more protein per cup than brown rice and Oats.

This American King of Grains, the Quina is rich in Fiber, Nutrients like Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, and Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Beta-Carotene etc.

You should include Quinoa in your cooking like Soups, Salads etc.

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4. Oats

You know that Protein is the essential nutrition for building the muscle mass. Along with Proteins, Carbohydrates and good fats also play an important role in the muscle building Process.

Oats reduce cholesterol, boost the energy, prevent the heart diseases and diabetes.

A steaming bowl of freshly cooked oatmeal is the perfect way to start off the day.

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5. Spinach

Eating the Spinach is the ultimate way to build up the strength and muscle mass. Many studies show that Spinach boosts up the conversion of Protein into muscle mass.

Spinach is low in fat and cholesterol, High in Niacin and Zinc. These green leaves are packed with protein, fiber, vitamins A, C, E and K, thiamin, vitamin B6, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, and manganese.

A study conducted by Rutgers University showed that eating two pounds of spinach per day may increase muscle growth up to 20 percent.

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6. Sweet Potato

Similar to the Oats, For consuming the carbohydrates, Sweet Potatoes are one of the best and tastier option you can add to your diet.

Sweet Potatoes are loaded with many nutrients and Vitamins such as B6, C, E, D, and Iron, Copper, Magnesium, Quercetin. Eat them roasted or Grilled.

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7. Broccoli

Broccoli is the best in all cruciferous for building the muscle mass and Strength. This green vegetable has a high amount of phytochemicals and anti-estrogenic indoles that fight the Cancer.

Additionally, Broccoli is low in calorie and high in Soluble Fibers.

8. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are one of the best plant-based sources of fibers, Proteins, and healthy Omega-3 essential fatty acids. The best way to intake the flaxseeds is to use it in powder form.

You can use this powder in your Cereals, Soups, Salads, Smoothies etc. Take 1 tbsp flaxseed powder in the yogurt or milk before going to bed.  

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9. Almonds

Almonds are also considered good for a bodybuilding diet due to Protein and Fiber content inside. Almonds are packed with many antioxidants that fight free radicals.

This dry fruit lowers the risk of high cholesterol and heart diseases. Eat one ounce or 28gms of Almonds daily soaked or roasted.

We always prefer the vegetarian foods in our Superfood lists. But if you are non-vegetarian then you have many other options available, you can include in your diet.

No matter what you are(vegetarian or non-vegetarian), Water is essential for you. So try to drink plenty of water throughout the day and take good sleep.

Keep Keep Smiling and be Happy.

Want to Gain bigger and better Muscles? Here are 9 superfoods to build muscle & Strength for everyone without equipment #buildmuscle