Remove Unwanted Facial Hair Without Waxing in Minutes

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Are you getting sick and tired of shaving or waxing your face? Read on to find out how to remove unwanted facial hair naturally.

Not only men have facial hair, women also have facial hair along with body hair.

And for women, this facial hair on face can be a nightmare.

This facial hair grows in small patches along your jawline, on your chin, forehead, on your sideburns, and above your lip.

Usually, facial hair is light or fine in nature which can easily blend with your skin tone. But for many, the hair growth is extensive and coarse.

In that case, it can be a challenging task for you to get rid of that fuzzy hair.

What Cause unwanted facial hair?

Medical science says, In women excessive and unwanted hair growth on the face, called hirsutism.

According to the Indian Journal of Dermatology, hirsutism caused due to the higher than normal levels of Androgens (male hormones), including Testosterone.

These raised Testosterone levels may affect your menstrual cycle and in the result, you get unwanted facial and body hair.

There are some potential reasons that may disturb the levels of androgens, includes obesity, tumors, ethnicity, PCOS, Adrenal gland disorders, and medications.

Around 7% women in the USA suffer from hirsutism.

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How to remove unwanted facial hair?

Usually, people try some of the most common methods – The waxing, shaving, threading.

If you have a sensitive skin, maybe waxing and threading doesn’t suit you. Threading and waxing may leave your skin with a swollen red face.

Even the laser hair removal treatment doesn’t last forever, some hair may eventually grow back. Because of our hair growth cycle.

Plus not everyone can afford such expensive laser treatments that don’t guarantee you 100% success.

A single laser hair removal treatment typically costs more than $500. And it takes around six to eight routine treatments to see any marked reduction in hair regrowth.

You might consider going to your kitchen, Instead of going to expensive laser treatment centers. It will absolutely cost you no money and since it is a natural remedy then it doesn’t have side effects.

So are you ready to remove unwanted facial hair with this affordable + 100% natural homemade face mask?

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Are you getting sick and tired of shaving/waxing your face? Read on to find out how to remove unwanted facial hair naturally.

Fenugreek Seed Mask to Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

let’s start with some ingredients.


  • 2 tbsp Fenugreek Seeds
  • 2 tbsp Green Gram
  • ½ tbsp Raw Turmeric Powder


First, grind Fenugreek seeds and Green gram very fine like dust.

Take this powder in a bowl and mix it well together with turmeric powder.

Make a thick paste with the help of some water. And it’s good to go.

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How to use Fenugreek mask?

Apply on the skin and leave it to dry for at least 10 minutes.

Once dry, rub it in just opposite direction of hair growth.

Then wash your face with regular water and apply a moisturizer afterward.

You can apply this simple home treatment once in a week to keep your face away from unwanted hair. For tremendous results, repeat the same treatment regularly for 4-5 weeks.

How does this face mask work?

It works in a sequence where Fenugreek Seeds prevent and slow down the growth of facial hair, Green Gram help to loose down the unwanted hair from roots.

And turmeric powder ensures to remove any bacterial activity and soreness.

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What the best thing about this mask, If you have any acne, pimples, head bumps or breakouts…you can still go for it since it doesn’t show any side effects.

So why not to try it once?

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