Top 5 Most Expensive Spices in the World


Top 5 Most Expensive Spices in the World

Do you know about the spices?  Do you use it ever?

For the South Asian countries, It is a well-known term And for others, I think the answer is slightly different. Ok, So I remind you about the Spices, closely.

Are you a Starbucks coffee Fan? If yes, then you know about the small brown Stick called Cinnamon, that’s a spice. That’s not tough to remind you. LOL, ok now get back to work.

So Basically Spices are native from South Asian Countries like India, Pakistan, SriLanka etc. Spices are mostly used for the Taste, Flavouring, Medicine, Beauty, Traditions and many others.

Spices can be seed, fruit, root, bark, or any other plant substances. But Do you know which is the most expensive Spice in the world? So here we are providing the list of Top 5 Most Expensive Spices in the World.

1. Saffron

Price– 1600-5000 dollars/ pound

Yes, The Saffron is the most expensive spice in the World. And no-one can dare to compete it. The price is really on too high. It comes from the Crocus Plant.

India is the largest manufacturer of Saffron in the World. But why it is so Expensive? The first simple and straight well-known case behind it, The Environment.

And then secondly, one acre that’s about 80000 flowers are needed to obtain a pound of this expensive threads.
You can find these expensive spikes in the Indian Sweet Cuisines.

They use this Expensive Spike for making the dishes more delicious and colorful in look. Saffron is widely used in the Beauty and Health products too. It cures Heart Diseases And Blood Pressure, Respiratory, skin problems.


2. Vanilla

Price– 50-200 dollars/ pound

In the Spanish, the word Vanilla means “a little pod”. It comes from the flat-leaved vanilla plant. Vanilla is harvested in Central America, Madagascar, and Mexico.

It is the very familiar element of the Kitchen. The Bakery shop may be incomplete Without this expensive element. Although there is an artificial option available in the market natural Vanilla remains on its Standard.

Vanilla is widely famous for its use in flavoring in ice creams, sweets, and other desserts.


3. Cardamom

Price– 30 dollar/ pound

Cardamom has pods which retain the small black seeds inside of it. Cardamom is commercially harvested in India, Guatemala. It grows on Elettaria & amomum plants.

It is the Plant of aroma and flavor. It grows in two different forms, Green and Brown. Green Cardamom is widely used as a flavoring in Traditional Indian sweets, Tea, desserts, candies etc.

Cardamom has several health benefits too. Cardamom is considered to be highly beneficial for Asthma, Appetite, Hypertension, Alleviates Digestive Issues etc.

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4. Clove

Price– 10 dollars/pound

Clove is the small sticks that remain the small balls on it. Clove is little spicy in the taste. It has strong aroma and flavor.

Clove is not only spicy in taste, It shows its spiciness against the Health Diseases. It cures Anxiety, Blemishes, and Scars, Aphrodisiac, Stress, Sinusitis, Nausea, and Vomiting etc.

Clove grows on Clove Tree which is native to Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Zanzibar, Madagascar, India. its essence is one of the most important elements for making the Perfumes.


5. Cinnamon

Price– 6 dollars/pound

Cinnamon is the medium brown colored small (commonly 1-4 inch) stick which is extremely aromatic. It has a sweet and savory taste.

Cinnamon comes from the inner bark of Cinnamomum Tree. It is native to Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia etc., widely used for the flavoring in Chocolates, desserts, spicy candies, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, Pickles, and liqueurs etc.

Besides being rich in taste and Flavour, it’s health benefits cannot be underestimated. Cinnamon is good in Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Inflammatory, Cancer etc.

So we are completed “Top 5 Most Expensive Spices In the World”. I hope you will like this. My favorite spice is Cardamom.

I like to take a cup of Cardamom infused Tea in every morning. And my favorite dessert is also incomplete without this important element that is the one and only Indian ‘Kheer’.

I shared my favorite spice here, and now it’s your turn? Share your favorite Cuisines with these awesome Spices in the comment section below.