How to Use Olive Oil on Breasts?

Natural Remedies


Since the ancient times, Greeks consider Olive Oil as the greatest gift of God as it used as a medicine for treating various different medical and beauty issues.

Olive oil is packed with some excellent qualities as being rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, and nutrients. It reduces the risks of heart diseases, stroke, and high blood pressure. Olive Oil keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated.

Does Olive Oil on Breasts Works?

There are no proven study stats that Olive Oil can make your small breast bigger in the size. But still, there are many strong claims that olive oil on breasts might help you lift up your saggy breasts. 

Breast sagging is a very common body change women experience as they age. But aging is not a single factor that affects your breasts to make them saggy. Quick weight loss or weight gain, smoking, breastfeeding, pregnancy, are also some of the factors that cause breast sagging.

Olive oil has polyphenols which are very beneficial for your skin. Polyphenols reduce inflammation, protects from sun damage, prevent premature aging signs (sagginess, spots, wrinkles), acne etc

And a regular massage is a very effective way to get all the benefits of olive oil.

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Benefits of Breast Massage

As massaging olive oil on breasts stimulates the tissues to improve elasticity and tone. Massage improves the circulation of blood to make your breasts feel relax, healthier and firmer. The massaging process also very helpful to remove harmful toxins from the body.

Researches show that regular breast massage increases the blood circulation to keep your breast tissues healthy and reduces the risk of cancer. It can also be helpful for breast enlargement as it tightens and tones the tendons.

Massaging breast produces three anti-aging hormones respectively Prolactin, oxytocin, and estrogen which helps you look younger.

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Produced oxytocin is known as love hormone decreases stress and depression. Massage also improves the sensitivity to increase the pleasure while sex.

How to Massage Olive Oil on Breasts?

Do you know Asian women are using the art of breast massage for over 2000 years to keep those pair healthy and lifted?

Here are a few simple steps you can if you want to massage your breasts.

First, rub some olive on your hand to heat it before use.

Now gently apply olive oil on breasts for 5-10 minutes.

Simply use inward & upward strokes to move your hands on breasts from outside to inside direction in a circular motion.

Use your palms to generate firm pressure while massaging.

Do this daily once or twice in the morning or before bedtime for 1-2 months.

If you want a detailed instruction on breast health and massage then this video module might help you.

Tips to use olive oil on breasts

Just use the palms, not the fingertips.

Don’t apply too much pressure on your breasts.

Don’t forget the area underneath your breasts and under your arms as it promotes better blood circulation.

Always massage in the inward direction.

Your nipples can get too sensitive. Don’t touch them while doing the massage.

If your skin is too sensitive, try it in small batches.

Avoid breast massage, if you are pregnant.

If you are olive allergic, better to avoid it. Or instead, you can also use almond oil.

Remember, Massaging Olive oil on breasts might help you to get firmer breasts But as it needs two months, it is very essential to keep patience and be consistent in your approach.

So say hello to the olive oil massage and all the best to fight gravity to make your breasts firmer naturally.