Cumin Tea for Weight Loss and Health Benefits

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Cumin Seeds are the extremely prevalent ingredient in the Indian Cuisines. It is used for its unique taste and strong aroma.

Cumin seeds are naturally loaded with antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Zinc etc and other electrolytes. And on the basis of these strengths, it shows a hefty number of Health Benefits.

But today we will prepare the Cumin Tea for Weight Loss. One of the most useful health benefits of Cumin Seeds.

But before starts, we have a usual question here! How does Cumin work for weight loss?

So we have a brief process here which give you a kinda idea about the working of Cumin on weight loss. 

Have you ever faced the bloating problem in your body after sleepless nights?

It is Because, Generally after 2 hours of normal sleep, the body starts the repairing itself. It helps to flush out the Toxins, accumulated compounds and Unwanted materials from the body.

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Cumin Infused Tea

Cumin tea is highly effective in weight loss. It is the most convenient way to lose weight and it works, if you intake it regularly.

It is easy to make and simple to follow the regular intake procedure.



Water 200ml
Regular Cumin Seeds 1Tsp
Lemon Juice 1 Tsp


  1. Boil cumin seeds in water for 10-20 minutes until the water quantity remains half and then strain it.
  2. Once it cools down then add Lemon juice.


Drink this water every day in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach.

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Other Usage

Apart from the weight loss here are some potential use of this mighty Cumin infused tea.

  1. In Skin Problems: Cumin Infused tea is very good for skin health. You can use it in any natural face pack as an extra effective ingredient.
  2. In Hair Problems: For removing dandruff and skin diseases, infections, just take a hair wash with
    this infused water.
  3. It removes the spots on the face and skin too.


If you want to strengthen your weight loss journey with Cumin Seeds then you can also try the Cumin Powder.

So here is the simple recipe to make the Cumin Weight loss powder.

Cumin Powder

1 tbsp roasted cumin powder
1 tsp turmeric powder
1½ tsp dry curry powder
¼ tsp cardamom powder
½ tsp black salt

Take this 3gm with lukewarm water after every meal means breakfast/lunch/dinner.

It is very beneficial powder and You can use this Cumin powder for Stomach Ache
take 1 pinch jeera powder + 1 pinch black salt powder + 1 pinch turmeric powder

Take cumin powder after dinner for better digestion.

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