Boost Immune System Naturally with this Homemade Healthy Drink


Boost Immune System Naturally: Immune Booster Drink

Heya! Today we are going to prepare an easy to follow recipe which helps to Boost Immune System Naturally.

We will make this drink with Some Fruits, Vegetables and more.

This is really too helpful for people who suffer from Citric and Gluten Allergy. Low amount of vitamin C in the body, can be a factor of your bad Immune System.

And This drink gives the flexibility in your body and provides the power to fight against seasonal diseases such as Measles, Diphtheria, and Chickenpox, to Faecal–Oral Infections, such as Cholera and Rotavirus.

So here we go to boost your immune system naturally.

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Oranges Juice
Quantity 300-400ml
Benefits It has copper in it which is good for hemoglobin, it helps to build RBC in the blood

Pomegranate Juice
Quantity 350ml
Benefits It has potassium which helps you in bloating, water retention, it has calcium also which is good for bone pain and for hidden Fever in the body.

Quantity 1 medium size
Benefits It is good for any kind of arthritis, bronchitis, muscle cramps. It is high in potassium, good for helping your brain muscles to be more flexible.

Quantity 100gm
Benefits It will save you from citric allergy, it is also good in kidney stone, kidney problems, arthritis, creatinine, bronchitis, diabetes. it is also good for skin and hair. It used as anti-wrinkle remedy also.

Quantity 20gm

Quantity 1tbsp

Pink salt
Quantity 1 Tsp

Quantity 1600 ml


  1. Blend the pineapple, ginger, and gooseberry with the water(100) finely and then rub it through a sieve to extract the juice. mix orange and pomegranate juice with it.
  2. Take the 1.5 lit. water and add Stevia, mix juice, pink salt in it and boil at high flame, then leave it with lid for 10-15 min. on a very low flame.
  3. After this, you will find the foam on the upper surface that’s the indication of completion of the process, now remove the foam and use it after chilled.

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Bonus Benefits

  1. Taste is marvelous, a killer for citric and Gluten Allergy, good for insulin (Diabetes Patients), good for BP, good for PCOS, PCOD, Increase your protein Resistance, good in Uric acid Problems.
  2. It has high minerals and vitamins.

Points to be Noted

  1. Breastfeeding Mothers and pregnant ladies can also take this.
  2. Give this Drink to your toddlers(above 6-month baby) too.
  3. You can preserve it up to 1 month in the freezer and 7 days out of the freeze easily.
  4. This is also beneficial for the aged persons.
  5. Before strain, the juice from Pineapple, remove the brown eyes from it otherwise it will be the cause of a toothache, ulcer, and loose motions. Remove the mid part of pineapple too because intestine can’t digest it.
  6. Don’t add sea salt, normal salt, rock salt, black salt instead of pink salt.

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You can take it anytime at morning, noon or evening but for better results take it only 50ml at one time.